Volume 40

4 March to 10 July 1803

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Selected Documents
21 March 1803

Jefferson actively participates in the landscape design of the federal city, offering suggestions on the best placement of trees along Pennsylvania Avenue.

9 April 1803

Jefferson intends to draw up an outline comparing the doctrines of Jesus with those of other moral philosophers.

30 May 1803

Jefferson’s son-in-law reports that one of the enslaved teenage workers at the Monticello nailery has struck another with a hammer.

8 June 1803

Jefferson asks that an enslaved teenage worker responsible for an attack at the nailery at Monticello be sold to a slave buyer from Georgia, thereby making “an example of him in terrorem to others.”

4 July 1803

Jefferson gives Meriwether Lewis a letter of credit authorizing him to draw on the U.S. government for whatever funds or resources may be needed for a westward exploratory expedition.