Volume 39

13 November 1802 to 3 March 1803

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Selected Documents
29 December 1802

Jefferson outlines policies for a consolidation of settlement along the Mississippi River that will require some Indians to live within greatly reduced borders and some to relinquish claims to land east of the river.

18 January 1803

Jefferson solicits congressional support for extending external commerce, especially by funding an exploration of the Missouri River and the territory beyond it. He suggests an appropriation of $2,500 to advance "the geographical knowledge of our own continent" and to find a route to the Pacific Ocean.

1 February 1803

Jefferson relies on his French friend to help maintain peaceful relations between the United States and France, informs him of James Monroe's appointment as a special envoy, and stresses the importance of the Mississippi and the American right of deposit at New Orleans.

[before 24 February 1803]

Jefferson's granddaughter accepts his invitation to become a correspondent, requests he send a French dictionary, and updates him on the schooling of her siblings.

26 February 1803

Jefferson responds to his granddaughter's request for a French dictionary and his grandson's wish for a book of geography.