Partial Draft

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Volume 45: 11 November 1804 to 8 March 1805
(Princeton University Press, 2021), 639-40
[before 8 Feb. 1805]
4. e.The free exercise of religion being placed by the constitution independant of the powers of the Genl. govmt, the acts of fasting praying, thanksgiving, and the times, manner, and matter thereof, are religious exercises, which if free[1] from us must neither be prescribed nor controuled by us: I have left them therefore as the constn found them,[2] under the direction[3] of the state or church authorities acknoleged by[4] the several sects.
Dft (DLC: TJ Papers, 234:41878); in TJ’s hand; undated, but prior to Madison’s remarks on full draft received 8 Feb.; on reverse side of same sheet as Document I; Document V follows on same sheet.

[1.] TJ interlined and canceled “from the Genl. govmt as the constn provides.”

[2.] TJ first wrote “being religious exercises, which to be left free must neither be prescribed nor restrained by it: but must be left as it was before that instrument was formed” before altering the passage in stages to read as above.

[3.] Word interlined above “discipline,” which TJ did not cancel.

[4.] TJ here canceled “every sect.”