James Madison’s Remarks on a Draft

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Volume 45: 11 November 1804 to 8 March 1805
(Princeton University Press, 2021), 648-9
[8 Feb. 1805]
+“thro’ the transactions of a portion of our Citizens whose intelligence & arrangements best shield them agst the abuses, as well as inconveniences incident to the collection”
Religion—“as religious exercises, could therefore be neither controuled nor prescribed by us. They have accordingly been left as the Constitution found them, under the direction & discipline acknowledged within the several States”
Indians“no desire” instead of “nothing to desire”
 “who feeling themselves in the present order of things and fearing to become nothing in any other, inculcate a blind[1] attachment to the customs of their fathers in opposition to every light & example which wd. conduct them into a more improved State of existence. But the day I hope is not[2] distant when their prejudices will yield to their true interests & they will take their stand &c
press—strike out from “their own affairs”
last page—alter to—“views become manifest to them
RC (DLC); entirely in Madison’s hand; undated; endorsed by TJ as received from the State Department on 8 Feb. 1805 and “inaugural” and so recorded in SJL.

[1.] Madison here canceled “& stedfast.” He first wrote “attachment to the habits & traditions.”

[2.] Madison here canceled “far.”