Second Series

The Second Series of the Papers of Thomas Jefferson is an occasional series of commissioned volumes containing writings or documents that are suited to a topical arrangement.

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 Jefferson’s Legal Commonplace Book
Edited by David Thomas Konig and Michael P. Zuckert
(Princeton University Press, 2019)

Click here for Necessary to Form a Lawyer: Law, History, and Political Thought in Thomas Jefferson’s Legal Commonplace Book, a symposium at Princeton University, May 9–10, 2019.

Jefferson's Memorandum Books: Accounts, with Legal Records and Miscellany, 1767-1826
Edited by James A. Bear, Jr. & Lucia C. Stanton
2 vols.
(Princeton University Press, 1997)

The Memorandum Books are available in digital form at Rotunda and Founders Online.

Jefferson's Literary Commonplace Book
Edited by Douglas L. Wilson
(Princeton University Press, 1989)

Jefferson's Parliamentary Writings: Parliamentary Pocket-Book and A Manual of Parliamentary Practice
Edited by Wilbur Samuel Howell
(Princeton University Press, 1988)

Jefferson's Extracts from the Gospels: The Philosophy of Jesus and The Life and Morals of Jesus
Edited by Dickinson W. Adams
(Princeton University Press, 1983)