Who are the editors who have worked on the project?

The project has had five general editors: Julian P. Boyd (Vols. 1-20), Charles T. Cullen (Vols. 21-23), John Catanzariti (Vols. 24-28), Barbara Oberg (Vols. 29-41), and James P. McClure (Vol. 42-  ). The work has been carried on with the efforts of numerous staff over the years including senior associate editors: Elaine Weber Pascu, Eugene R. Sheridan; senior editors: Tom Downey, Martha J. King, W. Bland Whitley; associate editors Fredrick Aandahl, Mina R. Bryan, Lyman H. Butterfield, R. R. Crout, James Alexander Dun, Andrew J. B. Fagal, William H. Gaines, Jr., Joseph H. Harrison, Jr., Elizabeth I. Hutter, J. Jefferson Looney, Merry Ellen Scofield; assistant editors: Shane Blackman, Alfred L. Bush, Christina Carrick, George H. Hoemann, Ruth W. Lester, F. Andrew McMichael, Amy Speckart; editorial assistants Elizabeth Peters Blazejewski, Linda Monaco; editorial associate Linny Schenck; research associates Alison Dolbier and John E. Little; consulting editors Jean-Yves M. Le Saux and Lucius Wilmerding, Jr.; and several foreign language translators including Robert W. Hartle, Reem F. Iverson, Simone Marchesi, François P. Rigolot, Carol Rigolot, and several technical advisers. A separate roster of editors who have worked on the Retirement Series volumes can be found on the Monticello website.