Who are the editors who have worked on the project?

The project has had five general editors: Julian P. Boyd (Vols. 1-20), Charles T. Cullen (Vols. 21-23), John Catanzariti (Vols. 24-28), Barbara Oberg (Vols. 29-41), and James P. McClure (Vol. 42-  ). The work has been carried on with the efforts of numerous staff over the years including senior associate editors: Elaine Weber Pascu, Eugene R. Sheridan; senior editors: Tom Downey, Martha J. King, W. Bland Whitley; associate editors Fredrick Aandahl, Mina R. Bryan, Lyman H. Butterfield, R. R. Crout, James Alexander Dun, William H. Gaines, Jr., Joseph H. Harrison, Jr., Elizabeth I. Hutter, J. Jefferson Looney; assistant editors: Shane Blackman, Alfred L. Bush, Christina Carrick, Andrew J. B. Fagal, George H. Hoemann, Ruth W. Lester, F. Andrew McMichael, Merry Ellen Scofield, Amy Speckart; editorial assistants Elizabeth Peters Blazejewski, Linda Monaco; editorial associate Linny Schenck; research associates Alison Dolbier and John E. Little; consulting editors Jean-Yves M. Le Saux and Lucius Wilmerding, Jr.; and several foreign language translators including Robert W. Hartle, Reem F. Iverson, Simone Marchesi, François P. Rigolot, Carol Rigolot, and several technical advisers. A separate roster of editors who have worked on the Retirement Series volumes can be found on the Monticello website.