Do you have a cumulative index?

Editor Julian P. Boyd intended to create a cumulative index upon the completion of the edition and thus eschewed individual volume indexes. In the interim, he envisioned several temporary paperbound indexes, each for a well-defined chronological time period that could span several volumes, and enlisted non-historian indexers to create three of them. Boyd’s successor, Charles T. Cullen, revised the indexing design for the edition and produced Volume 21, a permanent cumulative index to the first twenty volumes, in 1983, after Boyd’s death. Each subsequent volume has included its own index. The cumulative index for the first 20 volumes of the edition is also available online on Rotunda. While our hope is that in the long run we will compile a complete index for all volumes, no work is being done on this at present. You can find the individual volume indexes on our website under the Our Volumes link.