21 March 1803

Jefferson actively participates in the landscape design of the federal city, offering suggestions on the best placement of trees along Pennsylvania Avenue.

4 July 1803

Jefferson gives Meriwether Lewis a letter of credit authorizing him to draw on the U.S. government for whatever funds or resources may be needed for a westward exploratory expedition.

17 July 1803

A merchant whose store was broken into (but nothing stolen) and 51 other residents of Alexandria petition the president for clemency for Samuel Miller, a journeyman shoemaker who has been sentenced to death for the burglary.

3 September 1803

After conversing with Jefferson and considering Article 4, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution, Nicholas argues that no amendment is necessary for the acquisition of Louisiana. He advises the president against issuing a public opinion that an amendment is needed.

7 September 1803

Although Jefferson maintains that a “safe & precise” interpretation would require amending the Constitution before adding new territory to the union, he gives up his insistence on an amendment for Louisiana.

3 March 1804

Jefferson informs Gerry that he will seek a second term as president to help consolidate his party's gains and resist the "unbounded calumnies" of diehard Federalists.

20 May 1804

Abigail Adams, sharing the pain of parental loss of a child, breaks a long silence with Jefferson to offer condolences on the death of his daughter Mary Jefferson Eppes.

4 June 1804

Jefferson writes his son-in-law about his intentions to honor his grandchildren’s land inheritance at Pantops, encloses a letter received from Abigail Adams, and asserts that his only disagreement with John Adams was over the “midnight appointments.”

3 January 1805

The wife of a forger of bills of exchange appeals to the president in hopes of averting her husband's prosecution.

4 March 1805

Jefferson affirms the general principles of his presidency and expresses hope that the nation can achieve a complete "union of sentiment."


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