Volume 41 Index



Abbadie, Jean Jacques Blaise d', 326

Abd Allah ibn Ismail, Sultan of Morocco, 508

abolition, 308, 309n, 501n, 555-63, 586

Abu Bakr (caliph), 508

Account of Louisiana, Being an Abstract of Documents, in the Offices of the Departments of State, and of the Treasury

preparation of, 649, 675-6

presented to Congress, viii, 259n, 721

Account of the Contagious Epidemic Yellow Fever, which Prevailed in Philadelphia in the Summer and Autumn of 1797 (Felix Pascalis), 223n

Account of the Life of Mr Richard Savage, Son of the Earl Rivers (Samuel Johnson), 590, 594n

Accurate Chart of the Coast of West Florida, and the Coast of Louisiana (George Gauld), 248, 257-8n, 629n

Acton, Sir John Francis Edward, 219, 488

Adaes (Adais). See Los Adaes (Adais; Spanish presidio)

Adams (U.S. frigate), 284n

Adams, Fort

Choctaw treaty signed at, 402n

collector at, 426-7, 554-5, 584-5, 696, 703

officers ordered to, 295, 395

suggested as capital of Louisiana, 87-8

troops from, to take possession of Louisiana, New Orleans, x, 63, 65n, 84, 187, 318, 470, 620-1, 625, 634n

Adams, John

addresses to, 53, 54-5n

admiration of, 53

and arrest of D. Campbell, 157n

and D. Austin, 231

and District of Columbia, 420-1n, 517-19, 522-3n

late-term appointments, 160n, 701n, 709n

makes appointments, 19n, 20-1n, 23n, 25n, 271, 343n, 573n

relationship with Washington, 471

and use of U.S. ports by Britain, 259

Adams, John Quincy

attends horse races, xlv

and boundary convention with Great Britain, 602n, 703n

invited to dine with TJ, 550n

and Louisiana Purchase, 553-4n

as member of Eighth Congress, 547

Adams, Knowles, 457

Adams, Louisa Catherine Johnson, 550n

Adams, Samuel

death of, 2, 513

health of, 414

as reference, 51, 240

Addington, Henry, 129n, 215, 217-18, 301

"Address of the Federal Republican Committee of Kent County, To the Electors of the same," 425-6n

Adventure (schooner), 3n, 37n


former glory of, 560

 See also Barbary states; Egypt

Age of Reason. Part the Second (Thomas Paine), 368, 369n, 705-6

Agricultural Museum, 243n


agricultural societies, 231n, 243n, 364n

erosion, 678

Hessian fly, 486

need for agricultural education, 727

plows, 171-3, 230-1

promotion of, 727

soil exhaustion, 262, 263

tenants, 262, 263, 678-9

writings on, 243n

See also Jefferson, Thomas: Agriculture; tobacco

Aix, France, 211n

Aix-la-Chapelle, Treaty of (1748), 326

Akerly, Samuel, 223n

Alaska, 417n

Alatala Houma (Choctaw Indian), 643n

Albemarle Co., Va.

attorneys, 574n

courts, 346, 347, 349, 405n

merchants, 393n

midwives, 681n

postal service in, 680


among artisans, 352

among attorneys, 506, 507n

among Indians, 624n, 626

among officeholders, 342

among office seekers, 533n

among tenants, 679

Alert (schooner), 381

Alexander I, Emperor of Russia, 217, 607-9

Alexander, Andrew, 683n

Alexander, Charles

letter from, 708-9

and pardon for W. Galloway, 708-9

Alexander, Charles, Jr.

letter from, 708-9

and pardon for W. Galloway, 708-9

Alexander, John

identified, 683n

letter from, 681-3

sends proposal on mathematics book, 681-3

Alexander, Nathaniel, 546

Alexandria, D.C.

agricultural societies, 243n

collector at, 26n, 573n

Committee of Health, 430n, 434

cost of living in, 273-4

crime in, 80-2

education in, 242, 243n

jail, 591-3, 594n

justices of the peace, 594n, 709n

mayors, 709n

merchants, 80-2

as port for Washington, D.C., 644

shoemakers, 81

surveyor at, 26n

Va. laws pertaining to, 200

yellow fever in, 363, 429-30, 434, 460, 485, 592-3

See also District of Columbia

Alexandria, Egypt, 480

Alexandria Academy, 243n

Alexandria Advertiser and Commercial Intelligencer, 430n


animals, curiosities from, 483

annuity payments to, 50n, 530-1n

and Britain, 491

consul general at, 50, 62, 95, 698, 701

dey requests cannons, 529-31

and Portugal, 287n

ransoming of prisoners, 32, 33n, 447, 453n, 491

Ali (caliph), 508

aliens. See immigrants

Allen, Nathaniel, 570-1, 734

Allen, Phinehas, 60, 61n

Alston, Willis

identified, 571n

letter from, 570-1

as member of Eighth Congress, 546

recommends aspirants for office, 570-1

American Board of Agriculture, 364n

American Citizen and General Advertiser (New York). See Cheetham, James

American Crisis (Thomas Paine), 705

American Magazine, 638n

American Medical and Philosophical Register (New York), 223n

American Patriot (Baltimore), 327, 328n

American Philosophical Society

elects members, 258n

and Louisiana boundaries, 322

officers, xli

receives communications, specimens, 293n, 430-1

secretary of, 172n

and TJ's moldboard plow, 171-2

American Revolution

apothecaries, 137n

and Beaumarchais claim, 384-5

in Boston, 51-2

British support for, 726n

commissaries, 287n

divinely inspired, 147-8n

and France, 365n, 478n, 604

inflation, currency depreciation, 671n

Kaskaskia campaign, 479, 480n

loans, financing of, 190, 241, 293

Loyalists, 719n, 721n

prisoners of war, 40n

privateers, 706n

in S.C., 199-200, 670

surgeons, 137n

in Va., 670, 671n, 719n

veterans of, 61n, 111n, 126, 142n, 231, 265n, 273, 287n, 365n, 493n, 639n, 671n, 680, 721n

in Vt., 721n

See also Peace Treaty, Definitive (1783)

Amiens, Treaty of, 129n, 409n, 716n

Amite River, 177n

Amsterdam, 198n, 301

Anacostia River, 418-19, 420n, 519, 522n

Anderson, Isaac, 495n, 546, 550n

Anderson, Joseph

and arrest of D. Campbell, 157n

election to Senate, 358, 359n

letter from, 694

as member of Eighth Congress, 548

recommends aspirants for office, 694

Anderson, Nathaniel, 720

Anderson, Richard, 392, 393n, 698

Anderson, Robert, 437n

Andrews, Asa, 23

Andrews, George, 50n

Angelina River, 619n

Angerman, Johann Gotthilff

Anweisung, wie das Holz, 171

Anne (French ship), 198-9n, 235

Annual Message to Congress (1801), 438, 440

Annual Message to Congress (1802), 438

Annual Message to Congress (1803)

consideration of, by Congress, 539n

delivered in writing, 539n

drafting of, ix, 438-56

praise for, 597, 599, 616, 627

text of, 534-40

anteaters, 189n

antelopes, 483

Antwerp, 160n, 301, 699, 700n

Anweisung, wie das Holz zum Haus- und Schiffsbau so zubereitet werden könne, dass es vor Feuer, Faulniss und Wurmfrass (Johann Gotthilff Angerman), 171

Apalachicola River, 257n, 327, 335

Apology for the Bible (Richard Watson, Bishop of Llandaff), 368, 369n

Appleton, Thomas

dispatches to Madison, 234n, 236n, 259

and French import restrictions, 490

letter from, 283-4

letter to cited, 736

seeks appointment as commercial agent at Paris, 283-4

seeks to become navy agent, 236n

Aquia Creek, 423

Arab (British frigate), 153, 154n

Arabic, 509n, 530n

Aranjuez, Treaty of, 609-11

Arcambal, Louis, 598

Archer, John, 546

Archer, Thomas, 26n

architects. See Latrobe, Benjamin Henry; Lenthall, John


architectural ornaments, 49

See also Capitol, U.S.; Jefferson, Thomas: Architecture; Monticello; President's House

Argus (Boston), 207n

Argus (U.S. brig), 224

Arkansas Post, 177n, 326

Arkansas River

exploration of, 137n, 323, 326, 329

included in Louisiana Purchase, 321

as Louisiana boundary, 244, 261, 288, 290

and Louisiana negotiations, 65n

salt deposits on, 326, 473

settlements on, 324, 326, 330

Arkansas Territory, 615n

armadillos, 189n

Armistead, Francis, 26n

Armstrong, John (1755-1816)

and Kosciuszko's lands, 41-2

letter to, 41-2

Armstrong, Gen. John, 87, 88n, 549n, 597

Armstrong, Thomas, 69

Army, U.S. See War, U.S. Department of

Arnold, Benedict, 241, 293, 510


exhibitions, xliv-xlv

landscape painting, 112n

panoramas, xliv-xlv

physiognotrace, 78, 79-80n, 311

portraitists, 311, 383n

Ashash, Abd al-Rahman, 283n, 673n

Astorg, Elisbeth Marie de Grassin d', 470n, 478

Astorg, Jacques Pierre Prothade Hippolyte d', 478


meteors, 430-2

Atalanta (ship), 85

Atchafalaya River, 433n

Athabasca River, 92n

attar of roses, 483


alcoholism among, 506, 507n, 590

education of, 394n, 575n

in Ky., 394n

in Louisiana, 253

TJ as, 503, 504-5n

See also law

Atwater, Jesse

letter from cited, 226n, 289n, 737

Aulnay, France, 309

Aupaumut, Hendrick, 643n

Aurora (Philadelphia), 148n, 218n

See also Duane, William

Austin, Benjamin, Jr.

letter from, 246-8

letter to, 83

recommends aspirants for office, 246-8

TJ sends summary of Louisiana treaty and conventions to, 83

Austin, David

letter from, 231-2

seeks appointment, 231-2

Austin, David, Sr. (1732-1801), 231

Austin, John P., 231

Australia, 417n

Austwick, Lancelot, 310, 311n

Auteuil, France, 42

Ax. See Dax (Ax), France

Ayers, Elisha, 265n

Azara, José Nicolás de, 327, 355, 356, 357n