Volume 40 Index



abolition, 680n

Abrahams, Mr., 273

Abrégé chronologique de l'histoire ancienne des empires et des républiques (Jacques Lacombe), 510, 512

Abstract of the Premiums Offered, in 1800, by the Society Instituted at London for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce, 613, 626

accountants, 156n

Acerbi, Giuseppe

Travels through Sweden, Finland, and Lapland, 54, 55n

Achilles, 84

Active (schooner), 362

Acton, Sir John Francis Edward, 481, 483-4n

Adams, Abigail, 673n

Adams, John

admiration of, 144

correspondence with TJ, 159n

criticism of, 144, 185-6n, 452

family of, 673

makes appointments, 126n, 194-5n, 256, 257n, 339n, 341n, 539n, 675n, 716n

as minister to Great Britain, 123n

works dedicated to, 290, 291n

Adams, Samuel, 144, 584

Adams, Fort

Choctaw treaty signed at, 293n

collector at, 10, 11n, 59, 89

military stores bound for, 596

Adams (U.S. frigate), 56, 151-2, 547, 574

Addington, Henry, 332n, 364n

Address: Pronounced at Worcester, (Mass.) March 4th, 1803 (Levi Lincoln, Jr.), 70n

Address of the Royal Jennerian Society, for the Extermination of the Small-Pox, with the Plan, Regulations, and Instructions for Vaccine Inoculation, 656-7

Adelaide (ship), 67

Adolphus Frederick, Prince, Duke of Cambridge, 529

Adriatic Sea, 484n, 627

Aeneid (Virgil), 565

Aertsen, Guilliam, 589


removal of condemned slaves to, 363-4

See also Barbary states

Age of Reason. Part the Second (Thomas Paine), 396-8, 402n


agricultural societies, 336, 337n, 515-16, 613, 626, 637-8, 709n

fertilizers, 515-16, 541-2, 575, 637, 639, 640n

Hessian fly, 537, 575

soil exhaustion, 637

suitability of western lands for, 170, 174

in Va., 336, 337n

writings on, 336, 542n, 637, 638n

See also Jefferson, Thomas: Agriculture

Aitken, Jane, 281n, 516n

Aiton, William

Hortus Kewensis, 613, 614n

Aix, France, 379

Alabama River, 365, 418n, 422

Albemarle Co., Va.

Ashton estate, 453n

Birdwood plantation, 390n

clerks, 189n

Dunlora estate, 271

elections in, 190, 191n, 284, 317

emigrants from, 386n

Federalists in, 189n

Glenmore estate, 453n

Henderson lands in, 106

land prices in, 107, 168

magistrates, 453n

militia, 285

mills, 111n

Presbyterians, 386n, 646n


among Indians, 420

among navy officers, 90-1, 154-5

among newspaper editors, 553

among officeholders, 588

Alden, Timothy, Jr.

letter from cited, 721

Alexander I, Emperor of Russia, 434n

Alexandria, D.C.

Alexandria Library Company, 212n

attorneys, 212n

banks, 285, 624n

brewers, 168n

city council, 212n

collector at, 212n

crime in, 82-4

justices of the peace, 212n

mayors, 212n

merchants, 168n, 212n, 542n

militia, 721

newspapers in, 373-4n, 571n

Sun Fire Company, 212n

Va. laws pertaining to, 212-13

See also District of Columbia

Alexandria, Bank of, 285, 624

Alexandria Advertiser and Commercial Intelligencer, 571n

Alexandria Expositor, 373-4n

"Algernon Sidney" (Gideon Granger). See Granger, Gideon


American vessels at, 150, 547

annuity payments to, 26-7, 56, 63, 64n, 78, 79, 81-2, 87, 92, 101, 116

consul at, 79, 80n, 87, 94, 197n

consul general at, 659, 718

merchants at, 63n

naval forces of, 64n

ransoming of prisoners, 205, 206

treaty with Denmark, 80n

Alien Enemies Act (1798), 467, 483

Alien Friends Act (1798), 467, 483

aliens. See immigrants

Alknomac (ship), 12-13

Allen, Hancock

letter from cited, 724

letter to cited, 721

payments to, 390n

Allibone & Wittmore, 104

Alston, Theodosia Burr, 70n

American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 143-4, 613-14

American Academy of Fine Arts, 431n

American Board of Agriculture, 259, 637-8

American Citizen and General Advertiser (New York)

calls for W. S. Smith's removal, 257n

and removal of Newark postmaster, 388n

and renewal of war between Britain and France, 311n

and TJ's debt to G. Jones, 571n

TJ's subscription to, 601, 602

and Walker Affair, 188, 189n

See also Cheetham, James

American Musical Museum, 501n

American Patriot (Baltimore), 552, 554n

American Philosophical Society

and Briggs's request for use of transit, 299, 300n

elects members, 234, 289n, 380n, 709n

exchanges publications with other societies, 515, 516n

and Hessian fly, 537n

holds public dinner for Priestley, 54, 55n

and Lewis and Clark expedition, 278

library of, 516n, 614n

and Michaux's proposed western expedition, 171, 278

presents awards, 289n

publishes Transactions, 16n, 21n, 223n, 235n, 348, 351, 353n, 515, 516n

receives communications, specimens, 380n, 381n, 613, 614n, 626

and request by Batavian Republic for plant exchange, 612-14

TJ as president of, 171, 613n

TJ as vice president of, 171

American Revolution

Boston Tea Party, 570

bounty and pension claims, 164, 486n

and British deserters, 216n

and France, 290, 291-2n, 415-16, 486n

histories of, 327, 328n, 393

inflation, currency depreciation, 570-1

influence of Whig principles on, 708

Loyalists, 334

militia in, 629

poetry inspired by, 289-92

prisoners of war, 478n, 629-30

privateers, 541n

purveyors of supplies, 503n

surgeons, 291n

in Va., 334

veterans of, 83, 164, 291n, 384n, 388-9n, 619n, 629-30

“Americus” (pseudonym), 77

Amérique délivrée (L. de Chavannes de la Giraudière), 290, 291n

Amériquiade ("R"), 291n

Amiens, Treaty of

collapse of, 36-7, 372, 422, 431

Amite River, 234-5, 292-3, 354

Anacostia River, ix, 421, 440

Anderson, Charles, 678n

Anderson, David, 288

Anderson, J. B., 726

Anderson, James (Scotland), 709n

Anderson, Joseph

letter from, 3

letter to, 4

residence of, 588, 589n

seeks appointment, 3, 4

Anderson, Richard, 288

Anderson, Richard (S.C.), 718

Andrews, George, 80, 81n, 726

Andrews, Loring, 551, 553n

Angerman, Johann Gotthilff

Anweisung, wie das Holz, 625, 626-7

Animal Biography; or, Anecdotes of the Lives, Manners, and Economy, of the Animal Creation, Arranged According to the System of Linnæus (William Bingley), 671, 672n

Anna Maria (ship), 647, 649, 650

Annual Message to Congress (1802), 39, 43n, 45

Antidote to John Wood's Poison (James Cheetham), 601, 602n

Antoninus, Marcus Aurelius (Roman emperor), 158, 253

Antwerp, 192, 194, 341n, 718, 719n

Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourgignon d', 60, 61n, 89, 445, 699n

Anweisung, wie das Holz zum Haus- und Schiffsbau so zubereitet werden könne, dass es vor Feuer, Faulniss und Wurmfrass (Johann Gotthilff Angerman), 625, 626-7

Apalachicola River, 431

Appendix to the Notes on Virginia Relative to the Murder of Logan's Family, 140

Appleton, Thomas

and Ceracchi claim, 657-9, 711

letter to, 657-9

and Navoni, 491, 492

and wine for TJ, 659

Apprentices Library Association (Brooklyn), 386n

architects. See Latrobe, Benjamin Henry; Lenthall, John


building materials, 22

Maison Carrée, 379-80

models of Roman, offered to TJ, 379-81, 430-1

Pont du Gard, 379

sheet iron roofs, 419

See also Capitol, U.S.; Jefferson, Thomas: Architecture; Monticello

Argus (Paris), 39, 43n, 45

Argus (U.S. brig), 23n, 498n

Arkansas River, 42n, 201n, 202n, 302, 423, 683

Arkansas Territory, 185n

Arles, France, 381n

Armistead, Walker K., 5

Armstrong, John, 230

Armstrong, John (1755-1816)

and Kosciuszko's lands, 479-80, 624, 625n

letter from, 479-80

letter from cited, 480n, 722

Army, U.S. See War, U.S. Department of

Arnauld, Antoine

Historia et Concordia Evangelica, 712, 713n

Arnold, Benedict, 630

Arnold, John, 15, 16n, 222, 375

Arrianus, Flavius, 254

Arrowsmith, Aaron

maps of North America, xlii, xliii, 8n, 15, 60, 61n, 549, 602


busts, 657-8

engravings, xliv

exhibitions, xliv

landscaping, 507n

museums, xli, 207, 430-1

physiognotrace, 476, 501

portraitists, xli-xlii

prices for, 658

promotion of, 213, 215, 430-1

sculpture, 508

silhouettes, 380n

tapestries, 203-7, 213-16

Art du dentiste, ou manuel des opérations de chirurgie (Louis Laforgue), 713

Ash, James (Md.)

letter from, 282

letter from cited, 282n, 720

sends book proposal to TJ, 282

Astorg, Madame d', 486

"Astronomical, and Thermometrical Observations, made on the Boundary between the United States and His Catholic Majesty" (Andrew Ellicott), 353n


astronomical instruments, 15-16, 73n, 170, 176, 222-4, 248, 288-9, 299, 300n, 374-5, 377, 445, 446, 497n

calculation of latitude, 222, 223-4, 424, 425

calculation of longitude, 15-16, 70-4, 171, 177, 182n, 222, 223-4, 288-9, 374, 424, 425

compatible with Christianity, 396-403

eclipses, 15, 16n

education, 402n

knowledge of, essential for surveyors, 424

and mathematics, 403n

movement of planets and stars, 398-9

statistical table of observations, 573


education of, 33, 165n, 403

Federalists as, 261, 310, 407, 423

Republicans as, 505n

See also law

Atwater, Reuben, 32n

Aulnay, France, 655

Aupaumut, Hendrick, 163, 612n

Aurora (Philadelphia)

inquiries made at office of, 221

prints proceedings of Philadelphia ward meeting, 93n

reports funeral of S. T. Mason, 522-3n

TJ supplies information to, 572n

and TJ's Wayles estate debts, 572n

and Walker Affair, 188

See also Duane, William

Austin, Benjamin, Jr.

Constitutional Republicanism, 620, 621n, 669

"Examiner" essays, 669-70

identified, 621n

letter from, 669-70

letter to, 620-1

Observations on the Pernicious Practice of the Law, 621n

recommends aspirants for office, 439

as reference, 496n

thanks, expresses admiration for TJ, 669-70

TJ praises "Old South" essays of, 620-1

Austin, Jonathan L., 621n

Austin, Moses, 211n

Austria, 4n, 125, 484n

Auteuil, France, 485-6

Aux Bataves sur le Stathouderat (Honoré Gabriel Riquetti, Comte de Mirabeau), 291-2n

Ay (Aij), France, 313

Azara, José Nicolás de

and eastern boundary of Louisiana, 433n

and Florida negotiations, 35, 39, 42-3n, 45, 48