Volume 38 Index



abolition, 563n, 602-5

Abrégé chronologique de l'histoire ancienne des empires et des républiques (Jacques Lacombe), 76

Abrégé chronologique de l'histoire d'Angleterre (Thomas Salmon), 78

Abrégé chronologique de l'histoire de Pologne (Friedrich August von Schmidt), 76

Abrégé chronologique de l'histoire des Juifs (François Nicolas Charbuy), 76

Abrégé chronologique de l'histoire d'Espagne et de Portugal (Charles Jean François Henault), 76

Abrégé chronologique de l'histoire du Nord: ou des etats de Dannemarck, de Russie, de Suède, de Pologne, de Prusse, de Courlande, &c (Jacques Lacombe), 76

Abrégé chronologique de l'histoire universelle depuis les premiers empires du monde (Johannes Sleidanus, trans. Antoine Hornot), 76

Abridgment des plusieurs cases et resolutions del common ley (Henry Rolle), 78

accountants, 103n

Ackermann, Suardy, & Co., 62n

Adams, Abijah, 249n

See also Adams & Rhoades

Adams, John

correspondence of, published, 249-50

criticism of, 90, 92, 126n, 187, 352, 421, 451

and France, 227, 228

and Indian affairs, 316n

late-term appointments, 60n, 254n, 420n

makes appointments, 243-4n, 254n, 255n, 257n, 590, 591n

popularity of, 124

removals by, 243n, 425

and Saint-Domingue, 324n

and Sedition Act, 452

and Sweden, 190n

TJ recommends books to, 525n

Adams, John Quincy, 124, 190n, 420n, 612, 613n

Adams, Samuel, 249-50

Adams, Samuel (N.H.), 243n, 682

Adams, Thomas, 188n, 249n

Adams, Fort, 172n, 217, 254, 255n

Adams (U.S. frigate)

in the Mediterranean, 175, 177, 189, 193, 530

money sent with, 232

Simpson awaits arrival of, 191n, 266n, 290, 319n, 334, 395

Adams & Rhoades

letter from, 249-50

sends pamphlet to TJ, 249-50

See also Adams, Abijah; Rhoades, Ebenezer

Addison, Alexander

complains about postal service, 456-8

identified, 457n

letter from, 456-8

letter from cited, 458n

persecution of Republicans by, 44

Addison, Thomas

letter from cited, 151n, 686

Address, to the People of the United States, on the Subject of the Report of a Committee of the House of Representatives (Oliver Wolcott, Jr.), 394

Address to the People Called Quakers (Samuel Stephens), 106n

Adelaide (ship), 565

Adgate, Matthew

Digest, or, Plain facts stated: in which the Gospel and Law are compared, 40n

letter from, 39-40

Northern Light; or New Index to the Bible, 40n

sends religious writings to TJ, 39-40


maps of, xlviii

removal of condemned slaves to, 54-7, 326, 474-6

African Association, xlviii


"animated oats," 197-8, 309

cultivating machines, 67n

merino sheep, 200n

See also cotton; Indians: Economy; Jefferson, Thomas: Agriculture; tobacco

Ainsworth, Robert

Latin and English Dictionary Abridged, 79

Albany Register, 92

Albemarle Co., Va.

Castle Hill plantation, 259n

courts, 372n, 397, 580n

Dunlora estate, 5

Henderson lands in, 578-80

measles in, 10, 13, 50, 60-1, 80-1

militia, 359n

Montalto, 372n

Music Hall estate, 137n

roads, 401n

sheriffs, 398n

Alberti de Villaneuve, François d'

Nuovo Dizionario Italiano-Francese, 77


among Indians, x-xi, 342n, 628-30

removals from office due to, viii, 12, 243n, 446, 459, 462, 464

Alembert, Jean Le Rond d'

Encyclopédie, 77

Alexander I, Emperor of Russia

admiration for TJ, l

compared with TJ, 552, 554-6

influence of La Harpe on, xlix-l, 553-4n, 561n, 599-600

interest in constitutional government, 598

portrait of, l, 314 (illus.)

relations with France, 562n

reorganizes ministries, 587n

See also Russia

Alexander, Archibald (Del.)

and Delaware River piers, 179n, 292

letter from cited, 159n, 686

as reference, 159

Alexandria, D.C.

jail, 46-7

militia, 150-1, 175, 296-7

See also District of Columbia

Algeciras, Spain, 245-6


annuity payments to, 116-17, 118n, 135, 143, 231, 232, 235, 305n, 334, 367n, 395

consul at, xlviii, 233n

divan, 509, 510n

Jews in, 510n

map of, xlviii, 314 (illus.)

peaceful relations with U.S., 484, 506

relations with Ottoman Empire, 510n

and release of crew of Franklin, 208n, 509-10

and Spain, 390

special U.S. agent to, proposed, vii, 222-3

treaty with U.S., 118n

U.S. negotiations with, 230

See also Mustafa Baba, Dey of Algiers

Alicante, Spain, 390n

Alien Enemies Act (1798), 477

Alien Friends Act (1798), 45n, 477

aliens. See immigrants

Ali Hassan, Dey of Algiers, 223, 510n

Allen, Hancock, 689

Allen, John (Me.)

cure for yellow fever, 426, 549

identified, 426n

letter from, 426

letter to, 549

Alliance (Continental frigate), 663n

Allston, Benjamin, Sr., 526n

Ambassades de monsieur de la Boderie (Antoine Lefèvre de La Boderie), 77

Ambassadeur et ses fonctions par monsieur de Wicquefort (Abraham de Wicquefort), 76

Ambler, John, 149

American and British Chronicle of War and Politics: Being an Accurate and Comprehensive Register of the Most Memorable Occurrences in the Last Ten Years of His Majesty's Reign (E.I.S.), 78

American Literary Advertiser (Washington, D.C.), 480

American Mercury (Hartford), 125n

American Museum (Mathew Carey), 284n

American Philosophical Society

elects members, 615-16n

library, 651n

publishes Transactions, 115-16, 618

receives communications, specimens, 46n, 97n, 115-16, 134, 214, 215n, 504-5, 586, 615-16, 617-18

TJ as president of, 97n, 115

American Practical Brewer and Tanner (Joseph Coppinger), 508n

American Revolution

bounty and pension claims, 248, 471n

and divine sanction, 121n

and France, 589n

histories of, 213n, 617n

Loyalists, 280n, 294-5

naval forces, 248, 663n

in New York City, 336n

in S.C., 617n

in Va., 152n

veterans of, 99, 100-1, 151, 152n, 295, 387n, 402n, 471n, 522n, 661, 663n, 664-5

American Universal Geography (Jedidiah Morse), l-li

America's Deliverance and Duty (Richard Furman), 120-1, 224

Amiens, Treaty of

collapse of, 584, 586, 588n

impact of, 105, 390, 584

signed, 144n

terms of, 264n, 562n, 588n

Amsterdam, 227, 228, 229n, 460n, 569

Anacostia River, 90, 126, 236n, 272n, 543n, 620

Anderson, J. B., 690

Anderson, James (Scotland), 73n

Anderson, Joseph

advises on appointments, 469-70

letter from, 469-70

letter to cited, 515n, 688

Anderson, Richard

letters to, from cited, 687

Anderson, William Preston, 681

Andréossy, Antoine François, 584, 587-8

Andrews, Asa, 31, 32n

Annales romaines, ou Abrégé chronologique de l'histoire romaine (Philippe Macquer), 76

Annual Register (Great Britain), 78

Anthony & Pleasants (Richmond), 530n

See also Pleasants, Tarlton W.

Antient Right of the Commons of England Asserted (William Petyt), 79

Antwerp, 60n, 377-8

Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourgignon d', 77

Aphorisms on Man, Manners, Principles & Things (Joseph Bartlett), 613n

Appleton, John

identified, 437-8n

letter from, 437-8

sends printing samples to TJ, 437-8

Appleton, Nathaniel, 437n

Appleton, Thomas, 437n

Arabic language, xlviii, 266n, 509-10n

Aranda, Pedro Pablo Abarca de Bolea, Conde de, 17-18n

Aranjuez, Treaty of, 584, 588n

Arbuthnot, John

Tables of Ancient Coins, Weights and Measures, 79

Arcambal, Louis, 311, 312n, 400n

Arcana Parliamentaria: or Precedents Concerning Elections, Proceedings, Privileges, and Punishments in Parliament, 79

Archer, Thomas, 446, 447n, 462, 519, 679, 682

architects, 4, 461n, 481n

See also Hadfield, George; Latrobe, Benjamin Henry


Halle aux Bleds, 619, 620-1n

of hospitals, 460-2

of jails, xi, 164-5

plinths, 691

See also Jefferson, Thomas: Architecture

Argou, Gabriel

Institution au droit françois, 77

Argus (U.S. brig), 63n

Ariosto, Ludovico, 558

Aristotle, 483

Armistead, Francis, 680

Army, U.S. See War, U.S. Department of


illustration of medical works, 20

miniature portraits, 96

sculpture, 377n

study of European, 592

Ashash, Abd al-Rahman, 176n, 190n, 266n, 319n, 360, 395

Ashby, Matthew

Ashby and White, 79

Ashby and White: or, the great question, whether an action lies at common law for an elector (Matthew Ashby and William White), 79

Asnet (child), 244-5

assault and battery, 43


astronomical instruments, 14, 134, 153, 154n, 504, 618

calculation of longitude, 44, 45n, 153-4, 485, 504-5, 618

TJ's interest in, 14

Athenæ Oxonienses: An Exact History of all the Writers and Bishops who have had Their Education in the Most Ancient and Famous University of Oxford (Anthony à Wood), 78

Atlas portatif à l'usage des colleges (L'Abbé Grenet and Rigobert Bonne), 77


education of, 101, 262-3, 611

as Federalists, 513

mentioned, 32n, 93, 99-101, 143, 151, 241, 304n, 333n

See also law

Atwater, Reuben, 388, 515

Aubrée, Mr., 59

Augusta Co., Va., 74, 75n

Augustus, Emperor, 557

Aurora (Philadelphia), 294, 422n, 498, 499n

See also Duane, William

Austin, Benjamin, Jr., 124, 126n

Austin, Jonathan L., 28, 681

Austria, 558, 562n

Authentic Information Relative to the Conduct of the Present & Last Administrations of the United States (Caesar A. Rodney), 497, 498n

Avaux, Claude de Mesmes and Bougeant, G.-H.

Histoire du traité de Westphalie, 77

Azara, José Nicolás de, 383, 584, 588n