Volume 32 Index



Habersham, Joseph

letter to, 498

letter from, 503-4

and Va. postmasters, 287, 498, 503

and postal service to, from Va., 498, 499, 500, 503-4, 516

identified, 498n

Habington, Thomas

Historie of Edward the Fourth, 176

Hagerstown, Md., 45, 46n, 100

Haley, Nathan

letter from, 202-4

assists Paine, 202, 203n

sends news from Europe, 202-4

identified, 203-4n

Hall, David, 442n

Hall (Hale), Mr. (Mass.), 352-4

Hallé, Noël, xxxix

Hamburg, Germany

and correspondence between U.S., Europe, 89, 147, 496, 584

on packet routes, 147, 496

consul at, 174, 584, 585n

Lafayette in, 430

Americans at, 478-9

Hamilton, Alexander

receives political intelligence, xxxvi

and Bayard, xxxviii, 419n

co-author of Federalist, 179

comments on French-American negotiation, 234, 235n, 437

Letter assails Adams, supports C. C. Pinckney, 239, 254, 255, 256n, 263, 304n, 329, 330n, 422, 436-7

characterized as schemer, intriguer, 303, 304n, 307, 422, 435n, 441

presumed hostility to TJ, 303, 304n, 307, 422, 466

favors TJ over Burr, 304n, 419n, 476, 500

and Treasury appointments, 309n

influence over Washington administration, 408, 456

continuing influence over policy, 424

as secretary of treasury, 425, 569, 570n

"Camillus'' essays by, 426n

equated with Catiline, 441

presumed to have role in scheme for interim presidency, 441

and Federalist divisions, 466

thought likely to lead armed takeover of government, 485

denounced, 523n

Reynolds affair, 575, 577n

Hamilton, Gavin, 210n

Hamilton, John, 350

Hamilton, Paul, 265, 348, 349n

Hammond, George

influences American policy, 424, 426n

Hampton, Wade

S.C. Republican, 265, 333

furnishes information, 290, 329

Hand, Edward, 308, 309n, 348

Hanna, John A., 348

Hanseatic League, 453

Hanson, Mary Key, 140n

Hanson, Samuel

letter from, 139-40

Bank of Columbia cashier, 120, 140n

seeks position as treasurer, 139-40

identified, 140n

Harper, Robert Goodloe, viii, 258n, 583

harpsichords, 39, 538

Harrisburg, Pa., 200

Harrison, Benjamin (1726-1791), 525n

Harrison, Benjamin, Jr., 76-7

Harrison, Mr. (Carlisle, Pa.), 348

Harrison, Richard, 185

Harrison Co., Va., 200

Harriss, P., 525

Hart, William, 5, 7n

Hartford, Conn., 5, 7n, 198

Harvard College, 5n, 264-5n, 349n, 353n

Harvie, John

and Short's business affairs, 78-80, 150-1

Harvie, Richard, 107

Hatch, Israel, 533, 534n

Hatsell, John

Precedents of Proceedings in the House of Commons, 179, 286n

Havana, Cuba, 394n, 395n, 544n

Haverhill, Mass., 199

Havre. See Le Havre, France

Hawkins, Benjamin

letters from, 50-2, 243

records Indian vocabularies, 44n, 50, 51n, 134n, 243

reports on Indian affairs, 50-2, 243

Hawkins, John Isaac, xxxv

Haxall, William, 14, 15n, 43, 489

hay, 152

Hay, William, 335

Helvétius, Claude Adrien

Oeuvres complètes, 179

Hemings, James (b. 1787, Jamy, TJ's slave), 418

hemp, 150

Henderson, Bennett (d. 1793), 469-70

Henderson, Elizabeth Lewis (Mrs. Bennett Henderson), 558-9

Henderson, James, 469, 558

Henderson, John

transports goods, 37

in Richmond, 286

administers father's estate, 558

mill to be relocated, 558

Henderson, McCaul & Co.

TJ indebted to, 107, 388, 402, 416, 458-9, 535

successor to Kippen & Co., 459n

Hendrick, John, 414

Hening, William Waller, 104-6

Henrico Co., Va., 131n

Henry, John, 264n

Henry, Patrick

as governor of Va., 123

Herald of Liberty (Washington, Pa.), 486, 488n

Hercules, 314, 315

Hereford, Bishop of. See Godwin, Francis (Bishop of Hereford)

Hern, Aggy (1789-1815, TJ's slave), 164

Hern, Amy (1793-1811, TJ's slave), 164

Hern, Beverly (b. 1800, TJ's slave)

child of Patty Hern, 164

Hern, David (b. 1755, Davy, TJ's slave), 417, 528

Hern, David (b. 1784, Davy, TJ's slave), 417

Hern, Indridge (b. 1797, TJ's slave), 164

Hern, Isabel (1758-1819, TJ's slave), 164, 417

Hern, James (b. 1776, TJ's slave), 164

Hern, Lilly (b. 1791, TJ's slave), 164

Hern, Moses (b. 1779, TJ's slave), 417, 528

Hern, Patty (1781-1806, TJ's slave), 164

Hern, Thruston (b. 1795, TJ's slave), 164


Historiarum, 177

Herostratus, 129, 130n

Herry, James

letter from, 247-8

asks for money, 247-8

Herschel, Sir William, 55n

Herty, Thomas

letter from, 364-6

publishes law digests, 364-6

claims political oppression, 365, 366n

identified, 366n

Hessian fly

Mitchill studies, 19n

threat in Va., 21, 185, 441

Heth, Mr., 470, 472n

Heurtault de Lamerville, Jean Marie

Observations Pratiques sur les Bêtes à Laine, 147, 158n

Hewat, Alexander

Historical Account, 178

Hichborn, Benjamin

letters from, 399-400, 533-4

provides political intelligence, 348, 352-4, 399-400, 419n, 533-4

identified, 353n

land speculation, 353n

Hiester, Daniel, 45, 46n

Hiester, John S., 577n

Hiester, Joseph, 577n

Hiester, Mary Catharine (Maria) Muhlenberg, 577n

Higginbotham, David

boats of, 172

TJ's account with, 401

orders nails, 500, 528

Higginson, Stephen, Jr., 155, 157, 159n

Higginson, Stephen, Sr., 353-4, 386n

Hill, Henry (Philadelphia), 443

Hillhouse, James, 601, 603

Hindman, William, 226n, 366n

Histoire d'Angleterre (Paul de Rapin Thoyras), 176

Histoire des mathématiques (Jean Etienne Montucla), 180

Histoire Naturelle, générale et particulière (Comte de Buffon), 178

Histoire naturelle des quadrupèdes, ovipares, serpents, poissons et cétacées (Comte de Lacépède), 178

Historia general de España (Juan de Mariana), 177

Historiarum Libri VIII (Herodianus), 177

Historical Account of the Rise and Progress of the Colonies of S. Carolina and Georgia (Alexander Hewat), 178

Historical and Chronological Deduction of the Origin of Commerce (Adam Anderson), 180

Historie of Edward the Fourth (Thomas Habington), 176

Historie of the Pitifull Life, and Unfortunate Death of Edward the Fifth (Thomas More), 176

Historie of the Reigne of King Henry the Seventh (Francis Bacon), 176


historical societies, 141

works of, 176-8

History and Present State of Virginia (Robert Beverley), 178

History of America (William Robertson)

cited, 178, 231

TJ dislikes, 233n

History of England (David Hume), 177

History of England: from the Accession of James I to That of the Brunswick Line (Catharine Macaulay), 176, 177

History of England, In a Series of Letters from a Nobleman to his Son (Oliver Goldsmith, attributed to Earl of Orrery), 177

History of Great Britain, from the Revolution to the Accession of the House of Hanover (William Belsham), 176, 177

History of Ireland (Ferdinando Warner), 176

History of King Richard III (Thomas More), 176

History of New-Hampshire (Jeremy Belknap), 178

History of Pennsylvania (Robert Proud), 178

History of Scotland During the Reigns of Queen Mary and of King James VI (William Robertson), 176, 178

History of the American Revolution (David Ramsay), 178

History of the British Plantations of America . . . Part I. Containing History of Virginia (Sir William Keith), 178

History of the Colony of Nova Caesaria, or New-Jersey (Samuel Smith), 178

History of the Corruptions of Christianity (Joseph Priestley), 179

History of the First Discovery and Settlement of Virginia (William Stith), 178

History of the Life, Reign, and Death of Edward II, King of England (attributed to Sir Henry Cary, Viscount Falkland), 176

History of the Life of King Henry II (Baron George Lyttelton), 176

History of the Life of Marcus Tullius Cicero (Conyers Middleton), 177

History of the Most Renowned and Victorious Princess Elizabeth, Late Queen of England (William Camden), 176

History of the Province of New York, from the First Discovery (William Smith), 178

History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England (Edward Hyde, first Earl of Clarendon), 176, 177

History of the Reformation of the Church of England (Gilbert Burnet), 176

History of the Reign of Philip the Second, King of Spain (Robert Watson), 177

History of the Reign of Philip the Third, King of Spain (Robert Watson and William Thomson), 177

History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V (William Robertson), 177

History of the Rise, Progress, and Establishment, of the Independence of the United States of America (William Gordon), 178

Hodgdon, Samuel, 435n

hogs, 108, 164, 166


fast days, 202n

New Year's Day, 338, 598

Christmas, 341, 368, 417

Christmas-New Year season, 389, 399

break in congressional session, 404n

Holladay, Lewis, 3n, 40n, 478n

Holladay, Waller

letter to, 40

letter from, 3-4

inquires of L. Littlepage, 3-4, 40

identified, 3-4n

Holland Land Company, 547-8, 549n

Hollins, John, 17, 18n

Hollins, Mrs. John, 17

Holmes (Holms), John

works at Monticello, 31n, 64, 70-1

witnesses indenture, 166

dies from fall, 482, 499

Holstein, 155-6, 159n, 478

Holt, Charles

publishes Bee, 7n

subscriptions to pay fine of, 49-50, 117n, 129n, 406n

Holy Roman Empire

titles, 4n, 110, 585n

French wish to reconfigure, 586

See also Austria


never successfully translated, 299

"Homo" (T. Law pseudonym), 270n

Hooke (Hook), Robert, 55n

Hoomes, John

letters to, 504, 540

letters from, 290, 400-1, 515-16

corresponds about politics, 290, 401n, 504, 515-16, 540

identified, 290n

letters from cited, 290n, 401n

sells horse to TJ, 400-1, 489, 504, 515-16, 540

letter to cited, 400-1n

letter from quoted, 515-16n

Hooper, Robert, 601

Hopkins, John, Jr., 374

Hopkins, Samuel (Ky.)

and U.S. marshal for Ky., 451-2n

letter from quoted, 451n

Hopkins, Samuel (N.Y.), 591


Epistulae, 167, 168n, 483, 487n

E. Livingston borrows Odes of, 550, 551n

Horse-Hoeing Husbandry: or, An Essay on the Principles of Vegetation and Tillage (Jethro Tull), 178


TJ seeks to purchase, 14, 43, 47n, 400-1, 489, 504, 515-16, 540

Fitzpartner, 47n

injuries caused by vehicles and, 70, 505, 568, 573-4

sold by W. Short, 77

military uses of, 102n

in lease agreement, 108, 164, 166

for president's stable, 140

in Ky., 150

good land for, along James R., 152

and hay production, 152

boarding of, in Washington, 260n

arranged for TJ's travel, 263

allusions to, 282, 299, 313-14, 315

Tarquin, 400n, 489

farriers, 406n

equipment for, 465n

for carriage, 489

for riding, 489


books on, 112

in educational curricula, 143

collections, 232n

Hottinguer, Jean Conrad

as "X'', 466-9

Houston, George Smith

letter from, 134-6

inquires about rumors, 134-6

identified, 135n

Houston, Jane Smith, 135n

Houston, Mary Forman, 135n

Houston, William Churchill, 135-6

Houston, William Churchill (the younger), 135n

Howard, John E., 249n

Hubbard, James (b. 1783, Jame, TJ's slave), 417, 528

Hubbard, Nicholas

and Mazzei's business affairs, 47

See also Van Staphorst & Hubbard

Hubbard, Philip (1786-1819, Phill, TJ's slave), 418

Hudson River, 231, 232-3n, 408, 550

Huger, Benjamin, 258n

Hughes, James

certificate of cited, 562n

Hughes, Wormley (1781-1858, TJ's slave)

to help clear land, 417

involved in blasting mill canal, 517, 559

Hume, David

History of England, 177

Essays, 180

Humphreys, Daniel

Bible Needs No Apology, 386-7, 446

Humphreys, David

letter from, 162-3

as minister to Portugal, 75-6, 90n

writings, 162

recommends Preble, 162-3

brother, 387

and U.S. relations with Spain, 397n

Hunn, John, 368

Hunter, John, 265

Hurt, John, 17

Husbandry of the Ancients (Adam Dickson), 178

Hutchins, Anthony, 224, 225n

Hutton, Charles

Mathematical Tables, 180

Hylton, Daniel L., 70, 175n

Hylton, John, 495

Hylton, Sarah Eppes, 70n

Hylton, William, Sr.

letter from, 495

recommends son for army, 495

visits Monticello, 495n