Volume 29 Index



Saint Croix River

and U.S. boundary, 615, 616-17, 620, 621, 626-7

Saint-Domingue, W.I.

reinforcements for, 148, 149n

geological survey of, 347, 348n

effects of slave insurrection in, 519, 538, 570-2

and Paroy family, 570-2

St. Germain-en-Laye, France

Americans attend school at, 164

St. John's College (Oxford University), 154

St. Louis

Volney plans to travel to, 132-3

census information on, 133n

St. Petersburg, Russia, 201

Ste. Genevieve

census information on, 133n

Salimberi, Madame de (Bruni)

plans trip to Varina, 314-15

letters from cited, 315n

letter to cited, 315n

as M. J. Randolph's friend, 328

Salisbury, N.C.

on proposed road from Georgetown to Ga., 529

Sally (daughter of Molly, TJ's slave)

in marriage settlement of Mary Jefferson, 550

Salomons, Levi

firm of widow and sons of (London), 200


mined in Tenn., 398n


extraction of, 64, 171, 291

to be made, 100

and ice caves, 321-2

San Antonio, Texas, 175

Sandy (b. 1789, TJ's slave)

TJ mortgages, 98

in marriage settlement of Mary Jefferson, 549

Sappington, John, 410n

Sarah (b. 1786, TJ's slave)

TJ mortgages, 98

in marriage settlement of Mary Jefferson, 549


and French foreign relations, xxxvii

treaty with France, 117, 161, 164n, 169

and French campaign in Italy, 135

and War of First Coalition, 161

Sargent, Winthrop, 202n


recipe for, 313-14

Savannah, Ga.

and trade with France, 340

Schuyler, Philip J., 411

Scilla (TJ's slave)

TJ mortgages, 98

in marriage settlement of Mary Jefferson, 550

Scott, Daniel, 66

seamen, U.S.

certificates of citizenship for, 35-6


fortification of harbors, 8, 371n, 393, 416, 421, 422-3n 425, 433-4, 437

Second Inaugural Address (Thomas Jefferson), 80-1

Secretary's ford (Rivanna River)

TJ clears, 483

Sedgwick, Theodore

and sedition act, 35

and TJ's letter to Mazzei, 79

and election of 1796, 224n

committee appointment, 282

attends Federalist caucus, 283n

introduces resolutions, 412n

investigates charges against Blount, 472n

and foreign coinage, 583-4n

sedition acts

TJ seeks information on, 35-6

Callender's prosecution under, 537n


of varieties of squash, 82

sycamore, sent to TJ, 105

of eggplant, 141

TJ sends to Strickland, 319

of breadfruit, 347-8, 387-8, 487, 513

rice from Philippines, 367, 487

See also

clover seed





quoted, 467-8

Sermaize, M., 469

Shadwell ford (Rivanna River)

TJ clears, 483

Sharples, Ellen Wallace

as portraitist, xxxviii, 318 (illus.)

Sharples, James

executes portraits, xxxviii

portrait of TJ, xl, 318 (illus.)

Sharples, Rolinda, xxxviii

Sharpless, Jonathan

and nailrod for TJ, 55, 88

Shawnee Indians

and Dunmore's War, 409n, 441, 452


feed for, 179, 512

merino, 333n

markets for mutton, 529

Shelburne, Earl of. See Lansdowne, William Petty, first Marquis of (Earl of Shelburne)

Shelby, Isaac

letter to, 134

introduced to Volney, 134

Shelton, Samuel, 63n

Shockoe warehouse, 26, 63-4

Short, Peyton

correspondence with W. Short, 317, 597, 598n

Short, William

letters to, 316-18, 463-5

letters from, 332-3, 597-8

Albemarle Co. property, 5

business affairs, 6, 219, 277-8, 316-18, 332-3, 463-5 597-8

and TJ's French accounts, 16, 21, 31

letter to cited, 23n

TJ mortgages slaves to, 96-7n, 209

leaves Spain, 109, 147, 463

and U.S. deposits in France, 122

powers of attorney, 125n, 219, 465n, 544-5, 561

canal shares of, 277, 316-17, 463, 523

relations with Duchesse de La Rochefoucauld, 312

Indian Camp Quarter, 316, 332, 464, 597

tenants, 316, 332, 597

correspondence with brother, 317, 597, 598n

salary due to, 317, 318n, 332, 464, 572, 574, 597

U.S. securities, 317, 318n, 463-4, 465n, 481, 523, 530 544-5

expects to return to U.S., 332, 597-8

funds advanced for Monroe, 544-5, 561

forwards letters, 597

rejects use of slave labor, 597

Silknitter, Jacob

charcoal burner, 177

letters to cited, 177n

Simcoe, John Graves

intimidation of American settlements, 612-13, 631n

Simms, Charles

as candidate for elector in 1796, 193-6

appointed collector at Alexandria, 195

Simons, James

collector at Charleston, 567, 570

Sinclair, Sir John

letter to, 318-19

letters from, 114-15, 183, 449-50, 480

and TJ's diploma, xli, 450n, 514

sends publications, surveys to TJ, 106n, 114-15, 183, 480

praised as farmer, 318

TJ sends farm implements to, 450n, 546

urges establishment of board of agriculture in U.S., 480

Sir John Sinclair's Address to the Board of Agriculture, on Tuesday the Twentieth of June, 1797, 480

Sir John Sinclair's Address to the Board of Agriculture, on Tuesday, the Twenty-Fourth of May, 1796, 114-15

Sitgreaves, Samuel

as member of House committee, 218

on U.S. relations with France, 374n

and impeachment of Blount, 473n

Sketches of the History of America (James T. Callender)

financial assistance during work on, 536, 537n

and comments by Harper, 593n

Sketch of the Finances of the United States (Albert Gallatin)

TJ requests, receives copy of, 224, 256

Sketch of the Present State of our Political Relations with the United States of North-America (Joseph Fauchet)

published by Bache, 590n

Skinner, Thompson J., 469n

Skipwith, Anne Wayles (Mrs. Henry Skipwith, TJ's sister-in-law),533n

Skipwith, Fulwar

and U.S. deposits in France, 122

accused of financial improprieties, 165n

resignation, 366

reports losses to shipping, 563-4, 565

Skipwith, Henry

and Wayles estate, 196n, 217, 268, 419

offers to buy Short's land, 332

lands of, 533n

and Short's business affairs, 597

mentioned, 317

Skipwith, Mary. See Randolph, Mary Skipwith

Slate River (Buckingham Co., Va.)

site on proposed road from Georgetown to Ga., 529


Va. laws on, 96n, 120n

Quakers and, 120n

and three-fifths clause of Constitution, 364n

potential revolts in West Indies, 377

Tucker proposes gradual abolition, 488-9

TJ foresees potential slave revolt, 519

See also Saint-Domingue, W.I.


travel without permission, 90

dwellings, 243

federal tax considered on, 265n

diet of, during harvest, 414

given to J. W. Eppes, 549

clothing for, 569

and work habits, 586

Short does not wish to own, use, 597

taken or freed by British during Revolution, 613, 620-1 622, 624-5

See also Jefferson, Thomas: Slaveholder


associated with megatherium, 299, 510

See also




inoculations, 334, 349, 351, 385, 401n

in Va., 427, 428

Smith, Abbey (Abby, TJ's slave)

TJ mortgages, 98

Smith, Armstead (TJ's slave)

TJ mortgages, 98

Smith, Daniel, 222

Smith, Dick (TJ's slave)

TJ mortgages, 98

Smith, Edy (TJ's slave)

TJ mortgages, 98

Smith, Fanny (TJ's slave)

TJ mortgages, 98

Smith, Flora (TJ's slave)

TJ mortgages, 98

Smith, Hetty

engaged to Peter Carr, 210-11

Smith, Israel, 594

Smith, Jesse (TJ's slave)

TJ mortgages, 98

Smith, John

land in Albemarle Co., Va., 547, 549

Smith, Capt. John (1579-1632)

Generall Historie of Virginia, 294

TJ's use as source, 301n, 302-3n

on American lions, 303n

Smith, Larkin

land in Albemarle Co., Va., 547, 549

Smith, Lucy (TJ's slave)

TJ mortgages, 98

Smith, Philip

land in Albemarle Co., Va., 547, 549

Smith, Ralph, 538-9

Smith, Robert, 210-11n

Smith, Sal (TJ's slave)

TJ mortgages, 98

Smith, Samuel, 210n

Smith, Samuel Harrison

plans for weekly newspaper, 416, 434, 442

prints letters signed "Fabius," 435n

See also Universal Gazette (Philadelphia)

Smith, Thomas

land in Albemarle Co., Va., 547, 549

Smith, Will (TJ's slave)

TJ mortgages, 98

Smith, William, 413n

Smith, William Loughton

debates Gallatin, 146

and Adams's speech, 218

and taxes, 265n, 461n

as Federalist, 412, 413n

reports on congressional politics, 412n

promotes defense measures, 421-3, 450

on Americans serving in foreign military, 450n

as U.S. minister at Lisbon, 486-7

Comparative View of the Constitutions of the Several States, 555


thought to mesmerize prey, 165, 166n, 182, 192

Snelson, Robert

and Kinsolving's debt, 204

Snowden & McCorkle (McKorkle)

and Callender, 537n, 544

Sodus, N.Y.

British intimidation of, 613, 631n


exhaustion of, 103

Solomon (TJ's slave)

TJ mortgages, 98

"Some account of an American Species of Dipus, or Jerboa" (Benjamin Smith Barton), 183n

Somerville, Robert

Outlines of the Fifteenth Chapter of the Proposed General Report from the Board of Agriculture, on the Subject of Manures, 319

Sophia (b. 1796, TJ's slave)

in marriage settlement of Mary Jefferson, 550

Sousy (b. 1793, TJ's slave)

TJ mortgages, 98

in marriage settlement of Mary Jefferson, 549

South America

maps of, 105-6, 115

megatherium discovery, 298, 301n, 510

South Carolina

vote at Constitutional Convention, 68

and election of 1796, 226

agricultural society in, 367, 468n, 487

TJ sends breadfruit, rice to, 367, 388, 487

politics in, 411-12

cultivation of rice in, 487

sites on proposed road from Georgetown to Ga., 529

politics and Charleston customs dispute, 567, 570

relationship to U.S., 570

South Carolina (ship)

carries van Hasselt to America, 466

South Carolina Society for Promoting and Improving Agriculture

publishes extract of TJ's letter, 468n

southern states

and election of 1796, 232, 235-6, 253

republican sentiment in, 289-90, 439

misrepresented, misunderstood in north, 364

political advantage given by three-fifths clause, 364n

wish to avoid war with France, 371-2

Southwest Territory, 30, 34n

Soyechtowa. See Logan (Mingo Indian)


U.S. diplomats in, 23n

farming methods in, 27, 29

relations with France, 228, 372

relations with U.S., 255, 471, 598

declares war against Britain, 256, 265

and study of megatherium, 298-9, 300n, 301n, 510

role of West Indies in event of war with U.S., 377

U.S.-West Florida boundary, 535-6

secret service expenditures in America, 551

See also

Louis of Parma

Pinckney Treaty

Sparks, Richard, 221

Sparrman, Anders

Voyage, 296

Spears, James, 43n

Spears, John

TJ purchases claim of, 43n

mentioned, 44n

Spears, William

letter to cited, 43n

mentioned, 44n


replaced by paper currency, 329-30, 401

Bank of England suspends payments in, 340-1, 344n, 401

abundant in France, 341

flows from U.S. to Britain, 370-1, 373

and bill extending currency of foreign coins, 583-4, 589-90, 594

in Jay Treaty, 621, 622


grown at Monticello, 322

Spithead, England

mutiny of British sailors at, 431n, 433, 436, 438, 456, 459

Sprigg, Richard, Jr.

and TJ's letter to P. Fitzhugh, 557

Sprigg, Thomas, 95n

Squire (b. 1793, TJ's slave)

in marriage settlement of Mary Jefferson, 549

Sravnitel'nye slovari vsiekh iazykov i nariechii, sobrannye desnitseiu vsevysochaishei osoby (Peter Simon Pallas), 201n

Staël de Holstein, Eric Magnus, Baron de, 230-1

Stafford Co., Va.

campaign for presidential elector in, 193, 195


Volney abhors open stages, 221

TJ travels by, 274, 308-9, 314-15, 352-3

as means of contact with public, 353

to Philadelphia, 565

Stanhope, Philip (second Earl of Stanhope), 59

Starr, James, 50, 168

State, U.S. Department of

flags flown over consulates, 376

Statement, Explanatory of the Resignation of the Officers of the Regiment of Artillery, of the City and County of New-York, 404n


and power to regulate value of foreign coinage, 589-90

Staughton, William, 378

Staunton, Va.

as possible location of school, 58

Volney, La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt pass through, 111, 148 150, 152n

distance from Charlottesville, 150

and communication with Washington Co., Md., 380, 415-16

as market for TJ's nails, 540-1

Steele, John (comptroller of treasury)

endorses documents, 465n, 545n, 561

Steele, John (stonemason)

works at Monticello, 65n

Stephen (TJ's slave)

TJ mortgages, 98

Stevens (Stephens), Edward

letter to, 431

sends Strode's survey to TJ, 431

Stevensburg, Va.

site on proposed road from Georgetown to Ga., 431, 432, 529 530

Stewart, David, & Sons, 45n

Stewart, Dugald

letter to, 415

and natural science, 415

Stewart, John, 263n

Stith, Richard

letter from, 130

as surveyor, 52, 130

Stith, William, 66

Stock, John

performs work for TJ, 523, 530

stocks, six percent, 574

Stockton, Richard, 472n

Stoddert, Benjamin, 197n

stonemasons. See Monticello: brickmasons, stonemasons


kitchen, invented in Lancaster, Pa., 25

Stratton, Capt. Henry, 586


used for feeding in Spain, 28

Strickland, Sir George, 170

Strickland, William

letter to, 319-20

letters from, 102-6, 115-19, 510-11, 511-13

exchanges seeds with TJ, 102-5, 115, 117, 319, 510-12, 514

sends publications to TJ, 105-6, 115

seeks information on ice caves, 116-17, 320, 321

on costs of war as impetus to peace, 117-18

praises succory, 144

letter from cited, 513n

Strictures upon the Letter imputed to Mr. Jefferson, Addressed to Mr. Mazzei (Tench Coxe), 77n

Strode, John

letter to, 432

identified, 432n

surveys road, 431, 432

letters from cited, 432n

letters to cited, 432n

Strother, French

letter to, 425-6

TJ sends political news to, 425-6

Stuart (Stewart), Archibald

letters to, 57-8, 113, 134, 138, 252-3, 525

letters from, 99-100, 171-3, 239

letters from cited, 58n, 100n

searches for stonemason, 99-100

sends information about megalonyx, 100, 275n, 300n

asked to assist Volney, 134, 148, 150

asked to assist La Rochefoucauld-Liancourt, 138

and Va.-Ky. boundary, 172

orders gongs, 239, 253

proposes memorial to Congress on relations with France, 239

TJ discusses politics, French war with, 252-3

forwards seed to TJ, 415

cares for TJ's shipments, 559

forwards correspondence, 566n

Stuart, Gilbert

portrait of Volney, xxxviii, 318 (illus.)

Stuart (Stewart), John

letters to, 113-14, 205-6, 509-10

letters from, 64-5, 152-3, 177, 266, 525-6

identified, 64-5n

sends megalonyx fossils, information, 64-5, 113-14, 152-3 155, 171, 177, 205-6, 266, 275n, 291, 296, 300n, 509-10 525-6

letter from cited, 113n

election to APS, 206, 509-10, 525


for T. M. Randolph, 27

Washington grows, 144

Suck (b. 1771, TJ's slave)

TJ mortgages, 98

Suetonius Tranquillus, Gaius

on Julius Caesar, 249n


and Article 12 of Jay Treaty, 619

sugar, brown

duties on, 265n

Sullivan, James

letter to, 289-91

letter from, 262

urges TJ to accept vice presidency, 262

Sumter, Thomas, 413n

Superior, Lake

and U.S. boundary with British possessions, 617

surveying instruments

TJ purchases, 315, 316n, 436-7

Swaile (Swail), James, 168

Swan, Caleb, 221


and exportation of grain, 10

Royal Academy of Science, 136

recall of Baron de Staël, 230-1

trades with France, 340

relations with U.S., 345n, 371n

naval strength, 376

Sweet Springs (Greenbrier Co.)

T. M. Randolph visits, 171

Switzer, Mr., 462


Volney travels in, xxxviii, 61, 111, 132, 482

Volney compares western prairies to, 174