Volume 29 Index



Cabell, Nicholas

letter from cited, 30n

Cabell, Samuel J.

returns Madison's letter, 305n

criticizes government in letter to constituents, 419n

and grand jury presentment, 419n, 490-1, 524

and TJ's grand jury petition, 526-7

effect of absence from House, 594

Cabell, William

letter from, 30

requests letters for R. H., J. Rose, 30

letters from cited, 30n

letters to cited, 30n

and Volney, 482

Cacapon River

ice caves on, 116-7, 118n, 321

Caesar (TJ's slave)

TJ mortgages, 98

Caesar, Julius

characterized by Callender, 249n

Bonaparte compared to, 559

Caffery, John

and recovery of mammoth fossils, 398, 403

Callahan's (inn, western Va.), 150

Callender, James Thomson

letter from, 536-7

identified, 537n

Political Progress of Britain, 248-51

sedition trial, 359n

exposes Hamilton's affair, 479n, 630n

History of the United States for 1796, 479n, 483-4, 534 536, 609, 630n

charges against Adams, 505

seeks, receives financial assistance from TJ, 536, 544, 561 630n

Sketches of the History of America, 536, 593n

pamphlets by, 537n

publishes comments by Harper, 593n

"Camillus" (Alexander Hamilton)

and Jay Treaty, 4, 55-7, 148

Campbell, Alexander, 10

Campbell, Arthur

letter to, 522-3

letters from, 469-70, 538, 580

worries about American politics, liberty, 469-70, 522, 538 580

forwards political items, 580

Campbell & Tenant (Belfast firm), 45n


within range of U.S. coastal gunboats, 377

See also Jay Treaty: boundary issue


duties on, 265n

Capellen tot den Poll, Joan Derk van der, 466


and financial speculation, 329-30, 458

Carey, James

TJ praises newspaper of, 416, 434

and Blount conspiracy, 472

and Callender, 537n

Carey, John

letter to, 205

letter from, 180-2

Official Letters to the Honorable American Congress,180-2, 205

Carmichael, Antonia Reynon

letter to, 406

letter from, 360-1

sends Ulloa manuscript, 360-1, 406

Carmichael, William

sends information about megatherium, 301n

papers of, 360, 406

Caroline Co., Va.

and U.S. relations with France, 381, 382n

Carr, Mr., 62

Carr, Eleanor (Nelly, Mrs. Samuel Carr), 346

Carr, John (b.1753), 66

Carr, John Overton, 346

Carr, Martha Jefferson (Mrs. Dabney Carr, TJ's sister)

visits Monticello, 27

regards sent to, 156

Carr, Peter (TJ's nephew)

letter to, 210-11

and TJ's letter to Mazzei, 78

stays in Charlottesville, 170

letters from cited, 210-11n

marriage of, 210-11

and TJ's grand jury petition, 490, 492, 505

Carr, Samuel (TJ's nephew), 346

Carr, Thomas, 540-1

carriages, 572

carriage tax

Hamilton's argument in Hylton v. U.S., 4n

argued before Supreme Court, 10

Carter, Edward (d. 1792)

estate of, 5, 124

Carter, Edward (Ned), 5

Cary, Archibald

debt to Wayles estate, 166-7

Cary, Moorey & Welch

and TJ's debt to W. Welch, 174n

Cary, Robert & Co.

and settlement of Wayles estate debt, 166-7, 419

TJ's account with, 173-4

Case of the Commonwealth of England, Stated (Marchamont Nedham), 59

Cate (b. 1788, Bet's daughter, TJ's slave)

TJ mortgages, 98

Cate (b. 1788, Suck's daughter, TJ's slave)

TJ mortgages, 98

Catesby, Mark

TJ cites Natural History, 298, 304n

Cathalan, Eulalie (Stephen Cathalan, Jr.'s daughter), 369

Cathalan, Stephen, Jr.

letter from, 368-9

in TJ's French accounts, 16, 31

business affairs, family, 368-9

as consul at Marseilles, 369

letters from cited, 369n

letter to cited, 369n

Cathalan, Stephen, Sr., 369

Catherine II (the Great), Empress of Russia

sponsors comparative study of languages, 201-2

Catholic Church

American students in Rome, 538-9

Catlett, Kemp, 83n

Cato (Joseph Addison)

quoted, 52n


feed for, 103, 179, 319

and TJ's farming operations, 170, 244-6

raised by TJ and T. M. Randolph, 260

given to Mary Jefferson, 547, 550

See also beef

Cavendish, William Hunter

and megalonyx discovery, 100, 113, 172

as member of Va. assembly, 239

Cazenove, Théophile, 330n

Centinel of Freedom (Newark, N.J.)

publishes TJ's letter to Mazzei, 76n

Ceracchi, Giuseppe

bust of TJ, 119, 121

Cérès (ship), 572n


used at Monticello, 177, 242, 540-2, 586

Charles, Archduke of Austria

defeated by Bonaparte, 341, 344n

Charles IV, King of Spain

and navigation of the Mississippi, 9

mentioned, 121

Charleston, S.C.

Volney seeks meteorological information on, 238

and trade with France, 340

response to Jay Treaty, 411-12

merchants', wharfholders' memorials to Senate, 567, 570

Charlotte Court House (Va.)

site on proposed road from Georgetown to Ga., 529

Charlotte Sophia, Queen of Great Britain

and Jay's commission as envoy, 605, 610, 629n

Charlottesville, Va.

and possible location of school at, 58

distance from Staunton, 150

postal service, 266, 507

price of lands near, 351

dry weather at, 427

Chase, Samuel

appointment to Supreme Court, 5, 42, 124

L. Martin defends, 454n

presides at Callender's trial, 537n

Chastellux, Alfred Louis Jean Philippe, Comte de

education, support of, 7, 145, 312

Chastellux, François Jean de Beauvoir, Marquis de

financial support for family of, 7, 144-5, 312

TJ's regard for, 145

Chastellux, Marie Joséphine Charlotte Brigitte Plunkett, Marquise de

letter to, 144-5

letter from, 312-13

seeks compensation for son, 7

pension application, 144-5, 312-13

and Duchesse d'Orléans, 312-13

Cheat River

in early hunters' accounts, 152-3, 171, 295


and plans to invade Spanish territory, 472-3n

Chesterfield Co., Va., 533n

Chew, Joseph

TJ stops at ordinary run by, 425, 436

Chickasaw Bluffs

Spanish fortifications at, 286

Chickasaw Indians

U.S. agent to, 170n


Eliza Monroe's maturation in France, 147, 164

C. Gerry supervises siblings, household, 402

illness of, 402

See also

Randolph, Anne Cary (TJ's granddaughter)

Randolph, Ellen Wayles, II (TJ's granddaughter)

Randolph, Thomas Jefferson (TJ's grandson)

Chiles, Micajah

delivers vines for B. Hawkins, 42-3

Chipman, Nathaniel, 594, 595n

Chisholm, Hugh, 548, 550

Christie, Gabriel, 62n


Volney mentions, 238

Church, Angelica Schuyler (Mrs. John Barker Church)

letter to, 396-7

letter for sent care of T. Pinckney, 27

sends regards to TJ, 70

returns to U.S., 325-6

arrives in N.Y., 396-7, 399

Church, Catherine (Kitty)

returns to U.S., 325-6, 399

TJ's affection for, 397

Church, John Barker

sends regards to TJ, 70

returns to U.S., 325-6, 399

TJ sends regards to, 397

and Monroe-Hamilton conflict, 479n

Cicero, Marcus Tullius

oratory of, 452


price of, 309


Volney visits, 174, 220

ciphers, 610

Cisalpine Republic

formed, 366, 367n

"Citizen" (pseudonym)

query to Rights of Man 560-1

citizenship, U.S.

and jury service, 497, 504, 505-6

civil liberties

threats to, 35-6, 417, 444-5, 537n

TJ's defense of, 491-504

and freedom to discuss public measures, 558

Claiborne, Thomas, 62n, 95n

Claiborne, William

information on colonial Va., 295

Claiborne, William C. C., 413n

Clarinda (TJ's slave)

in marriage settlement of Mary Jefferson, 550

Clark, Bowling

and TJ's crops, livestock, 52, 211, 260-1

and TJ's Poplar Forest lands, 52

letter from cited, 53n

letter to cited, 53n

Clark, Christopher

collects bonds for TJ, 202-4

Clark, George Rogers, 508n

Clarke, John, 156

Clarke, Samuel

to forward powder, 44

and TJ's financial transactions, 158, 239, 525

and nailery statement, 540-1

Clay, Capt. (master of Dublin Packet), 366

Clay, Matthew

abstains from vote, 412

votes with Republicans, 422

resides at Francis's hotel, 469n

Claypoole's American Daily Advertiser (Philadelphia)

prints Pinckney Treaty, 49n

carries congressional debates, 434

Cleopatra (ship)

and TJ's diploma, 514

Clérisseau, Charles Louis

letter from, 389

seeks position, patronage, 389

Short forwards correspondence, 597

Clinton, DeWitt, 472n

Clinton, George, 592


repaired at Monticello, 168

Clorinda (character in Tasso's Gerusalemme Liberata), 229, 230n, 258

cloth, clothing

TJ purchases, 436

price of, for slaves, 569


hurt by drought, 91

grasses sown with, 103-4

thrives for TJ, 128-9

Washington reports on growing of, 143

in TJ's crop rotation plan, 245-6

red, grown in Albemarle Co., Va., 350

described, 510-11, 512

clover seed

for Strickland, 117, 319

TJ purchases, 315, 322, 349

dutch white, 380, 415, 559-60

hop trefoil or hop clover sent to TJ, 510-12

Clow & Co. (Philadelphia), 225

Coalter, John

writes TJ about stonemason, 100

letter from cited, 100n

Cobbett, William

publishes L. Martin's attacks on TJ, vii, 409n, 452, 454n

publishes TJ's letter to Mazzei, 75

mocks Franklin, 140

as Bache's adversary, 140n

Bone to Gnaw, 140n

and Federalist politics, 558, 561

See also Porcupine's Gazette

Cobbs, Thomas

suit against TJ, 26-7, 63-4


tricolored, worn by French citizens in U.S., 215n

Cocke, Mr., 170

Cocke, James Powell

recommends F. Millar, 57

letters from cited, 58n

letters to cited, 58n

Cocke, William

letter to, 199

letter from, 169-70

identified, 169-70n

and election of 1796, 169, 199


and Article 12 of Jay Treaty, 619


and Article 12 of Jay Treaty, 619


legislation on foreign, 583-4, 589-90, 594

Coit, Joshua, 78-9

Coleman, Sam, 263n

Coles, John (Enniscorthy)

Strickland sends respects to, 118

and Booker's threshing machine, 187, 188

letters from cited, 188n

letters to cited, 188n

Cole's ferry, Roanoke (Staunton) River

site on proposed road from Georgetown to Ga., 529

Colle (Mazzei's Va. estate)

recovery of money for, 81

purchased by Catlett, 83n, 124

Collection of State-Papers, relative to the first acknowledgment of the sovereignty of the United States of America (John Adams)

Paine criticizes, 342, 344-5n

Collin, Nicholas, 136

Columbian Centinel (Boston)

publishes TJ's letter to Mazzei, 75n

Comparative View of the Constitutions of the Several States with each Other, and with that of the United States (William L. Smith)

J. Taylor's remarks on, 555


TJ purchases, 315, 316n

Concise and Impartial History of the American Revolution (John Lendrum)

prints Logan's speech, 455n

Condorcet, Marie Jean Antoine Nicolas de Caritat, Marquis de

Esquisse d'un tableau, 201

Condy, Jonathan Williams, 372, 374n

Congress, Continental

TJ's notes on the debates of, 43

and leaves for military personnel, 195


at Constitutional Convention, 68

Connecticut Courant (Hartford)

prints disunionist letters, 363, 364n

Constant, Benjamin

De la force du gouvernement, 123

Constellation (U.S. frigate), 422n

Constitution (U.S. frigate), 422n

Constitutional Convention

journals of, 54n, 56-7, 67-8, 93

and treaty-making powers, 55-7, 323-4, 346-7, 380

Madison's notes on, 56-7, 67-8, 93, 324, 346-7

debate on taxes, 443

Constitution of the United States

Va. proposes amendments to, 5, 36n

and taxation, finance, 10, 55

and treaties, 25, 46, 51-2, 54n

and separation of powers, 60, 285, 304-5, 492-3

and electoral votes, 255, 261

on oath of office for vice president, 255-6, 281

and role of vice president, 271, 273-4

aspects of monarchy and republicanism in, 289-90

TJ's attachment to, 311

preamble quoted, 359

three-fifths clause and southern political power, 364n

and rights of citizens to correspond freely, 492

W. L. Smith's pamphlet on, 555

South Carolina and, 570

on legal tender, 589

requires yearly meeting of Congress, 592

constitutions, state

W. L. Smith's pamphlet on, 555

Cook, Capt. James

finds breadfruit in New Zealand, 348, 388, 513

Cooke, William

Md. boundary commissioner, 263n, 278-9


price of, 5, 36, 37, 51-2, 67, 123

scarcity of, 5

purchased by TJ, 26, 52, 485n

proposed embargo on, 62-3

as crop, 91, 128, 488

TJ's supply of, 99

planting of, related to peas, 179-80, 386

in TJ's crop rotation plan, 245

seed sent to TJ, 323-4, 346, 380, 415

raised by P. Fitzhugh, 559

and definitions of contraband, 623

Corsange, Pierre Claude Etienne, 354

Corsange & Cie.

relations with Monroe, 354


and French campaign in Italy, 135, 161

Volney likens Va. mountains to, 150

taken by France, 273

Cortés (Cortez), Hernán

engravings of, 360, 406

Cosway, Maria Hadfield (Mrs. Richard Cosway), 397

cotton, cotton goods

duties on, 265n

and Article 12 of Jay Treaty, 613, 619, 631n


and megalonyx, 297, 299, 303n, 304n

Coup d'oeil sur l'état actuel des nos rapports politiques avec les états-Unis de l'Amérique Septentrionale (Joseph Fauchet)

arrives in Philadelphia, 589-90

printed in English by Bache, 590n

TJ comments on, 594, 595

Coupery, Citizen (Paris notary), 246

Courier of New Hampshire (Concord, N.H.)

publishes TJ's letter to Mazzei, 75n

Cowes, England

and TJ's French accounts, 31

Coxe, Tench

letter to, 146

letters from, 71-2, 134-6, 420-1

forwards letters for TJ, 71, 134-5, 146

on Jay Treaty, 71-2

and TJ's letter to Mazzei, 77

Strictures upon the Letter, 77n

letter to cited, 124-5n

and election of 1796, 214-15n

publishes letters signed "A Federalist," 214-15n

on commerce, economy of U.S., 420-1

removal from commissionership, 595

correspondence with Wolcott, 595n

criticizes Adams, 595n

on Hamilton's politics, 596

Crabb, Jeremiah, 60

Cranch's tavern

T. M. Randolph stops at, 568

Creek Indians

and plans to invade Spanish territory, 472-3n

Cresap, Michael

and deaths of Logan's kin, vii, 408-10, 441, 444, 451 555-6, 581-2, 590-1, 599-600, 600-4

L. Martin's father-in-law, vii, 409n, 444, 453-4, 455n, 556

and attacks on Indians, 410n, 441, 452, 453, 604n

TJ's depiction of, 410n

Cresap, Thomas

and Logan's speech, 408-10, 416, 590-1, 599-600, 600-2

uninvolved in murder of Logan's kin, 410n, 444, 453, 556

defended by L. Martin, 453-4, 581-2

relationship to L. Martin's children, 455n

Creswell's ferry (Saluda River)

site on proposed road from Georgetown to Ga., 529

Crèvecoeur, Michel Guillaume St. John de

on inhabitants of frontier, 225

Cromer. See Gromer, Frederick

Cropper, Sarah Corbin

as Mary Jefferson's friend, 308, 428

Crosby, Sampson, 183

Cuffy (TJ's slave)

TJ mortgages, 98

Culpeper Co., Va.

TJ proposes road to, 431, 432

Culpeper Court House

and road from Georgetown, 530

Cumberland Co., Va.

lands in, 533n

Cumberland River

and mammoth remains, 398n

Curles Neck (Pleasants estate), 120n


depreciation of, and prices, 124

estimates of circulating, 124, 125n

glut of paper, 329-30

in Britain, 340-1, 344n, 370-1, 373

supplanted by specie in France, 341

bill to use foreign coins as, 583-4, 589-90, 594

Currie, Mr. (Richmond bookbinder), 569

Currie, James

letter to, 200

and election of 1796, 194

letters from cited, 200n

letters to cited, 200n

Cushing, Thomas, 506n

customs duties

procedures for collection, at Charleston, 567, 570

Cutting, Nathaniel, 366

Cuvier, Georges

describes megatherium, 298-9, 301n

studies megalonyx, 300n

classifies megalonyx, megatherium, 301n