Volume 27 Index



laboratory, army

contractors for, 716

La Chaise, M.

and rumored slave rebellion, 614

Lachaise, Auguste

and French plan to liberate Louisiana, 176-80, 311, 312, 314

Lachua Indians

and Creek hostilities with Ga., 463n

La Condamine, M. de

vineyard, 762

Lafayette, Marie Adrienne Françoise de Noaïlles, Marquise de

and husband’s captivity, 151

TJ invites to dinner, 757

Lafayette, Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de

letters from, 712-13, 772

in Prussian captivity, 129, 151, 276-7, 425-6, 433, 449, 450-5, 502-3, 643-4

Continental army pay, 618, 643-4

introduces French officers to TJ, 704

moves detachment southward, 711

logistical support for troops of, 712-13

correspondence with Steuben, 713

travels to Williamsburg, 713

reinforcements for, 719

and American whale oil trade, 753-4

and American grist mills, 768

recommends Minguée, 772

mentioned, 134n

Lafferty, Mr.

and U.S. trade with Canada, 448n


vineyard, 762, 843

La Forest, Antoine René Charles Mathurin de

and address of French consular commissions, 500-1

witnesses wedding of F. Crèvecoeur, 781

La Forest, Beaumanoir de

witnesses wedding of F. Crèvecoeur, 781

La Luzerne, Anne César, Chevalier de

letter from, 720-1

and address of French consular commissions, 500-1

introduces French officers to TJ, 704

and French support for American Revolution, 720-1

Lamb, John

mission to Barbary States, 139, 142n, 750

Lamb, Gen. John

collector of customs in N.Y., 507, 521

Lambert, M.

vineyard, 762

Lambert, William

letter from, 825-6

recommends Roney and Ford for Mint clerkships, 825-6

Lamont, M. de

vineyard, 843

Lancaster, Pa.

yellow fever threatens relocation of Congress to, 228, 254, 297, 299, 388, 390

Washington visits, 334, 399


and Short’s investment strategy, 202-3, 205-7, 614-15

speculation in, 206

dispute over claims to, 722-3

land grants

dispute over Patton’s claim, 721-3

Va. legislation on, 773-5

in Southwest Territory, 796

Land Office (Va.)

establishment of, 722

Langdon, Elizabeth

TJ gives doll to, 753

Langdon, John

letter to, 752-3

letter from, 73

and circular letter to merchants, 73

alleged support for hereditary Senate and President for life, 467

and weights and measures, 822n

La Penha, Gen.

defeated near Montlouis, 149

Lapseley, Thomas

returns to TJ’s service, 394

Lapseley, Mrs. Thomas

death of, 394


export to French West Indies, 639

Laroque, James

and case of San Josef, 627n

La Rose. See Chateau Laroze (La Rose)

La Tour, M. de

vineyard, 761, 842

La Tour de Ségur

vineyard, 762, 843

Laumosne, Lewis Guillaume Felix

and case of Greyhound, 80-1n

Laurel (ship)

captured by Algerines, 107, 135

Laurence (Laurens). See Lawrence

Laval (La Valle), Anne Alexandre Marie Sulpice Joseph de Montmorency, Marquis de

introduced to TJ, 704

Lavoratorini, Matthew

TJ’s servant, 786; remains in Philadelphia, 799

Lawrence (Laurence, Laurens) (ship)

captured by Sans Culotte of Honfleur, 96n, 158, 466

Lawson, Robert

letter to, 703

to reinforce Greene, 703

L.D. See Little Sarah

Leacock, Joseph

letters from, 510-11, 596

and potash production, 510

requests charity from TJ, 510-11, 596

and yellow fever epidemic, 510

thoughts on Algerines, 596-7


U.S. purchase of, 46

for western expedition, 693

League of Armed Neutrality

formation of, 600n

Lear, Tobias

letter to, 304-5

letters from, 226, 332, 795, 803-4, 816, 817, 818

correspondence with Gore, 13-14; business affairs, 226

recommended by TJ, 226, 300, 301-2, 304-5, 332

letters from cited, 305n, 815n

and TJ’s retirement, 332

and alleged Federalist desire for hereditary Senate and President for life, 467

letters from quoted, 780n, 795n, 816n

and census, 795

transmits presidential papers, 795, 803-4, 815n, 816-17, 818

and patents, 803-4

and commissioning of federal appointees, 851


and import duties proposed by TJ, 550n, 551n

Leatherwood creek, Va.

land disputes at, 668-70, 721

Lebrun-Tondu, Pierre Henri Hélène Marie

and G. Morris’s recall, 505

Le Chair, M.

and denunciation of Mangourit, 295-7

Le Duc, M.

vineyard, 761

Ledyard, John

letter from, 764

attempted expedition across Siberia, 764

expedition to Africa planned, 764

Lee, Arthur

letters from, 684-5, 685-6, 689, 695

sells bank stock, 19n

account with Va., 684-6

acts as commercial agent for Va. in France, 684-6

congratulates TJ on election as governor, 684

on naval operations, 689

sends Va. great seal, 695

Lee, Charles

and case of Jesse, 12

Lee, Henry

letter to, 815

letters from, 135, 195

and quarantine against yellow fever, 135

and case of Républicaine, 195

letter from submitted to Washington, 196n

and Va. legislature’s resolutions on Proclamation of Neutrality, 334n, 430-1

medal of, 650-1

and ratification of Bill of Rights, 815n

Lee, Henry, Sr.

receives votes for Va. Committee of Safety, 679

Lee, Richard Henry

counts ballots for Va. Committee of Safety, 679n

Lee, Thomas Ludwell

and Va.-Md. boundary, 54n

elected to Va. Committee of Safety, 678

Lee, Thomas Sim

letters to, 108, 696-7, 815

letter from, 25

and case of Maxwell, 25-6, 108

letter from cited, 87n

transmits election return for Md. congressmen, 87n

and alleged British plots against U.S., 303-4

and case of Industry, 316-19, 321, 369-72, 383, 618

and case of Roehampton, 316-19, 383

and case of Pilgrim, 319-20, 421

and case of Conyngham, 342-3n, 421, 618

and alleged French refugee plots in U.S., 438n, 458, 487n

journals sent to, 688

and express riders, 696-7

Lee, William

commercial agent for Va. in France, 685

Leeward Islands, British

trade regulations, 578n.

See also West Indies, British

Leeward Islands, French

colonists conspire with Great Britain and Spain, 284

Genet’s report on, 404-6.

See also West Indies, French

Leghorn, Italy

and British naval operations, 153

Lego (Jefferson estate)

overseer for, 483, 497, 524, 582

purchase of, 731-3

Le Havre, France

U.S. consul at, 9

U.S. trade with, 9, 52, 54, 768-9

admiralty court of, 158n

and macaroni for TJ, 198

wine shipments from, 843

Leiper, Thomas

letter from, 798-9

bout with yellow fever, 121

house of leased by TJ, 798-9

Leister, John. See Lester (Leister), John

Lenox, David

appointed U.S. marshal, 117, 146, 163-4, 229

and registration of foreign servants, 611-12n

Lentilhon, M.

refugee from Saint-Domingue, 5-6

Le Ris, M.

and denunciation of Mangourit, 295-7

LeRoy, Herman

letters to, 348-9, 394-5

and mortgage on Varina, 294, 348-9, 394-5, 396-7, 465, 496, 590

identified, 349n

letters from cited, 395n, 497n

Leslie, Alexander

invades Va., 703-4n

Leslie (Lesley), Robert

letter to, 507-8

letter from, 154

and great clock, lii, 508, 840n

delivers dispatch to Pinckney, 92

and manufacture of clocks, 154

meets Cutting, 154

and weights and measures, 154, 220

letter from quoted, 155n

opens London shop, 155n

makes clock for Washington, 220n

makes watch for TJ, 507-8

Pinckney forwards letter from TJ to, 509

Lester (Leister), John

identified, 272n

and TJ’s furniture, 465

Létombe (L’Etombe), Philippe de

and address of French consular commissions, 500-1

Leusse, M. de

vineyard, 762


Lear plans to engage in trade with, 226


and Portuguese convoy, 199

Leveson-Gower, George Granville, Earl Gower

leaves France, 129-30

Lewis, Col., 671

Lewis, Andrew

receives votes for Va. Committee of Safety, 679

Lewis, Anne (Nancy) Bolling (Mrs. Howell Lewis, TJ’s niece)

death of, 759n

Lewis, Fielding (Feilding)

receives votes for Va. Committee of Safety, 679

mentioned, 824

Lewis, Francis

member of Continental Board of Admiralty, 696

Lewis, John (of The Byrd)

letter from, 671

letter to cited, 671

TJ as attorney of, 671-2

identified, 671n

Lewis, John (Spotsylvania Co., Va.)

receives vote for Va. Committee of Safety, 679

Lewis, Mordecai

and bills of exchange for Department of State, 654

Lewis, Nicholas

letter to, 716

receives votes for Va. Committee of Safety, 679

and settlement of Wood’s accounts, 716

Lewis, Robert

sued by TJ, 805

Lewis, Thomas

receives vote for Va. Committee of Safety, 678

Augusta Co. surveyor, 722

Lewis, William

and President’s authority to relocate Congress, 297-8

Leyden Gazette. See Gazette de Leide

Library Company of Philadelphia

Fitch deposits papers in, 837, 838n

Liggon, John

house of rented, 705


captured by French, 634n

Lindsay, Adam

letter to, 84-5

Lindsay, William

and case of Républicaine, 195


and encouragement of U.S. manufactures, 546n

Lionville. See Château Léoville


and U.S. trade with India, 833


U.S. trade with, 138, 139, 221, 235n, 283

trade with Brazil, 140-1

Portuguese fleet departs, 187

court etiquette at, 209

exports wine, 221-2

and Portuguese-Algerine truce, 223, 234-5n, 265

imports flour, 232

wine for TJ, 260, 493

trade with Portsmouth, Va., 266n

and case of Commerçant, 283n

wine compared to Madeira, 493

trade with St. Petersburg, 525

TJ forwards news to Gamble from, 608

Yznardi departs for, 636

U.S. consul at, 781n

Termo wine, 842

Little Democrat. See Little Sarah

Little Otter creek, Va.

disputed lands at, 672, 673n

Little Sarah (L.D., Little Democrat, Petite Démocrate) (British brigantine and French privateer)

captures Nancy, 72-3, 99-100

and withdrawal from U.S. ports of French privateers commissioned by Genet in U.S., 77n, 452n, 634

and Genet’s threat to appeal from Washington to American people, 368n, 485n, 528n, 529-32, 588n

Littleton, Sir Thomas

Coke’s commentary on, 609

Little Turkey (Cherokee Chief)

hostilities with U.S., 585n

live provisions

U.S. exports of, 536, 553, 567

export to British West Indies, 566n, 572

export to French West Indies, 566n, 572.

See also provisions

Livermore, Arthur

mistaken appointment as district attorney, 424, 483-4

Livermore, Edward St. Loe

appointed district attorney, 483-4

Livermore, Samuel

letter from, 483

and appointment of district attorney, 483-4

identified, 483n

letter to cited, 483n

Liverpool, England

and British privateering, 52, 54, 264n

prices in, 54


duties on in Danish West Indies, 549n, 559, 573

Livingston, Mr.

and Portuguese-Algerine truce, 232

Livingston, Philip

witnesses wedding of F. Crèvecoeur, 781

Livingston, Robert R.

and TJ’s appointment as peace commissioner, 728

recommends Kissam, 770

Livingston, William

and rumored British expedition against New Castle, Del., 716


value in comparison to dollar, 487-8n

livre, colonial

value in comparison to dollar, 566n

Llandaff, Bishop of. See Watson, Richard, Bishop of Llandaff

Lloyd, Thomas

letter from cited, 848

Lloyd’s of London

and cases of Eliza, Jay, and Cato, 11

Loan Office certificates

validity of, 738

Loche, M. de

vineyard, 762

Logie, Charles

and plague in Algiers, 152

and Portuguese-Algerine truce, 197n, 199, 224, 231, 284n

Loi Naturelle; ou catéchisme du Citoyen Français (Constantin François Chasseboeuf Volney)

presented to TJ, 390

Lomax, Lunsford (Amherst Co., Va.)

land transactions of, 669

legal dispute of, 721

Lomax, Lunsford, Sr.

land transactions of, 669

Lomax v. Holmden

precedent cited by TJ, 727n

Lomax v. Innes’s heirs

TJ asked for opinion on, 668-70, 721

Lomax v. Lomax. See Lomax v. Innes’s heirs


exchange rate in, 5, 263n

closed to foreign wheat, 29

and bills of exchange for Department of State, 115, 613, 659-60

newspapers, 140

U.S.-British trade negotiations transferred to, 143

Leslie manufactures clocks in, 154, 220n

trade with Charleston, 158n

and impressment, 160

trade with New York City, 173

French Windward Islands send negotiators to, 284-5

TJ lacks acquaintances in, 304-5

insurance business in, 307

French money counterfeited in, 470

trade duties in, 548n, 557, 571

TJ meets Welch in, 606

London Gazette

commercial information from, 29

Longchamps, M. F. Joret de

letter from, 146

and rights of naturalized citizens, 146

identified, 146n

Long-mountain, Va.

disputed lands at, 672

Lorenzana y Butron, Francisco Antonio, Archbishop of Toledo

and books for TJ, 217-18, 324

L’Orient (Lorient), France

and case of Andrew, 159n, 224-5

French Revolution at, 306-7

ordonnateur at, 746

Lormerie, Louis Philippe Gallot, Chevalier de

land claims, 808

Lott & Higbee

account with Austin, 257n

Lotter, Christian

steward of Adams, 750

Loudoun Co., Va.

militia, 706, 708

Louis, M.

winemaker’s agent, 763

Louis XVI, King of France

and counterrevolutionary projects, 129

and Genet’s expulsion from Russia, 129

Washington displays medallion of, 131

accepts new constitution, 213

and French reissue of assignats, 366n

and consular commissions, 480

and Lafayette’s Continental Army service, 644n

support for American Revolution, 720

drafting of letter from Washington to, 816

Louis XVII, dauphin of France

proclaimed King of France, 135

and capture of Toulon, 155

and alleged French refugee plots in U.S., 285


French plan to liberate, 111-12n, 176-80, 196, 290-1, 311, 312-13, 314, 345-6, 392, 594n, 631n

Spanish trade regulations for, 641-2

Lovely Lass (ship)

and restoration of French prizes, 22, 36, 55, 69n, 413-14, 422, 426-7, 457n

Lowell, John

and case of Duplaine, 79-82, 261

Lower Saura (Saury) Town, N.C.

and retreat of Greene’s army, 709

Lownes, Caleb

letter to, 586

identified, 586-7n

and nailrod for TJ, 586-7

and TJ’s furniture, 586

Lowrey, Thomas

letter to cited, 39n

reappointment as marshal, 39n

Loxley, Benjamin

master of Pigou, 150


strength in Md. and Del., 716n

Lucas, Jonathan, Sr.

seeks patent for steam engine, 236, 309

Lucas, Robert

Cases in Law and Equity, 726

Lucas, Simon

visits Tripoli, 152

Lucinda (slave)

deeded to TJ by mother, 676

bequeathed to TJ’s sister, 779n

Ludlow (slave)

bequeathed by Ann Eppes Harris, 682

Lunel, France

grapevine from sent to TJ, 278

TJ evaluates wine of, 762

Lur-Saluces (Luz-Saluz, Salus), Comte de

vineyard, 763, 843

Lyde, Nathaniel Byfield

and case of Greyhound, 81-2n


and potash production, 510

Lynch, Charles

land transactions of, 668-9

Lynch, Esther

affection for TJ, 236

TJ’s affection for, 309

Lyne, George

member Va. Board of War, 691

Lyons, France

French capture of, 187, 276