Volume 27 Index



Dabbadie. See Abadie (Dabbadie), M. d’

D’Acosta, M. See Penet, d’Acosta Frères & Cie.

Dagobert de Fontenille, Luc Siméon Auguste

defeats Spanish army near Montlouis, 149

Daily Advertiser (New York)

and Genet’s threat to appeal from Washington to American people, 481

Dalbarade, Jean

instructions of to Genet, 594n

Dallas, Alexander J.

letter from, 481

abandons Genet, 6

and Genet’s threat to appeal from Washington to American people, 481, 484, 528n, 529-32

and alleged French refugee plots in U.S., 629n

letter from quoted, 809n

and Pa. land purchase, 809n

letters from cited, 852

sends Pa. executive acts to TJ, 852

and passport requests, 853

Dalrymple, Sir John

Essay towards a General History of Feudal Property in Great Britain, 670-1

Dalton, Peter

and case of William, 331-2n

damson grape

vine sent to TJ, 278

Dandridge, Bartholomew, Jr.

letters from, 481, 503, 610, 620, 629

and commissioning of federal appointees, 39, 851

and passports for U.S. ships, 39

translator for Washington, 189

and meeting of Cabinet, 481

and Portuguese-Algerine truce, 503, 610

and TJ’s report on commerce, 620

and alleged French refugee plots in U.S., 629

and British occupation of Saint-Domingue, 629

and relations with Southern Indians, 629

and relations with Spain, 629

Dandridge, Bartholomew, Sr.

elected to Va. Committee of Safety, 678

Daniel, John

master of Laurel, 107

Daniel, William

witnesses will, 683n

Dannemours, M. See Anmours (Dannemours), Charles François, Chevalier d’

Dannery, Thomas

and French right to commission privateers in U.S., 148

exequatur for, 175-6, 181, 188-89, 228, 363, 414-15

and case of Duplaine, 273-4n, 416, 427

and address of French consular commissions, 501

and alleged threats to French consuls, 523

Dan river

and retreat of Greene’s army, 709

D’arboyce grape

vine sent to TJ, 278

Dauphin (ship)

captured by Algiers, 822

Davenport, William

commands cavalry contingent, 717

Davidson, John

customs collector, 94

Davies (Davis), William

letters to, 504, 714, 717

letter from, 407

and final settlement of state accounts, 407, 504

and discharge of unfit troops, 712

and Va. public armorer, 714-15

letter from cited, 714n

and exchanges of prisoners of war, 717

appointment to Va. War Office, 718

mentioned, 772n

Davis, Col. See Davies (Davis), William

Davis, Augustine

and Short’s diplomatic conduct, 216-17

and postal service, 590

Davis, William

master of Catharine, 160

Deane, Silas

letter from, 719

and Lafayette’s Continental Army pay, 643-4

recommends Greive, 719

Deberger, Henry, Sr.

recommends Voigt as chief coiner of Mint, 826n

debts to British creditors

Brailsford v. Morris, 827

extent of, 827

in Va., 827

Deforgues, François Louis Michel Chemin

and French West Indies, 405n


TJ’s alleged belief in, 39-40

Dekay, Capt.

correspondence with Short, 845

Delamotte, F. C. A.

letters to, 95-6, 301-2

and case of Lawrence, 96n

promotes commerce with France, 96n

letters to forwarded, 198-9, 200

TJ recommends Lear to, 226n, 301-2

letters from cited, 302n, 847


Loyalist strength in, 716n

and Madison’s revenue plan, 730

Delaware, President of. See Clayton, Joshua

Delaware (ship)

and alleged French refugee expedition against Môle Saint Nicolas, 436-7, 458, 482, 486-7n

Delaware bay

and U.S. maritime jurisdiction, 105n

Delaware river

and French privateering, 78, 452n, 634

freezes, 611, 637

Del Bombice e del Bisso degli Antichi (Adamo Fabbroni)

given to TJ, 754-5

Della Farfalla Simbolo Egiziano (Adamo Fabbroni)

given to TJ, 754-5

Delozier, Daniel

commission for, 346-7

Delpeau, Charles. See De Pauw (Delpeau), Charles

Demerara, Dutch Guyana

U.S. exports to, 800

Democratic Society of Kentucky

and U.S. right to navigate Mississippi, 444, 630-1

To the Inhabitants of the United States West of the Allegany and Apalachian Mountains, 631n


and British trade restrictions, 58, 101, 143-4

ships detained in Great Britain, 138

and Portuguese-Algerine truce, 263n

minister to Spain, 357-8

ships detained in Spain, 357-8

represented in U.S. by Swedish consul, 389-90, 409, 581

neutrality, 470

tonnage of U.S. shipping to, 536, 554, 568

U.S. exports to, 536, 546n, 553-4, 567-8, 801-2

duties on U.S. exports to, 538, 545n, 548n, 557, 565n, 571, 801-2

colonial trade regulations, 540, 545n, 549n, 559, 573

U.S. imports from, 546n, 554, 568

and free ships and free goods, 598-600

joins League of Armed Neutrality, 600n

naval blockade of Algiers, 823

Denney, William

death of, 142n

Denny, Robert

declines customs appointment, 94n, 424

Deparr, John

and case of San Josef, 628n

Department of State, U.S.

and census, 35

bills of exchange for, 91, 92n, 95, 114-15, 116, 612-13, 651, 652-5, 657-9

relations with territorial governors, 111

suspension of business during yellow fever epidemic, 121, 123, 183, 260, 332-3

salaries of employees of, 198, 490, 635-6n

and patent documents, 240n, 246, 853-4

expenses of, 305, 390, 490, 782, 822

clerkships in sought, 334-5, 435, 589-90, 772

translation at, 334-5, 402

and commissions for federal appointees, 346-7, 424

office keeper, 394n

clerks hired, 402, 403, 590n

TJ’s instructions to clerks, 402-3

and letters of resignation, 425

TJ’s account with, 612-13, 652-5, 657-61

and TJ’s recommendation of G. Taylor, Jr., 635-6n

accounts of, 649-52

responsibilities delineated, 780

deposit of public papers at, 809n, 853-4, 855

documents on appointments described, 851-2

documents relating to the states described, 852

documents relating to citizenship and passports described, 853

documents relating to copyright described, 853

act establishing, 855

authentication of records of, 855-6

and documents signed ex officio by Secretary of State, 855-9

seal, 855-6, 856-7.

See also

Bankson, Benjamin

Blackwell, Jacob

Freneau, Philip

Jefferson, Thomas: Secretary of State

Pfeiffer, George

Puglia, James Philip

Remsen, Henry

Taylor, George, Jr.

Department of the Treasury, U.S.

T. Johnson as possible Secretary of, 17

and passports for U.S. ships, 39, 117, 301

and TJ’s salary, 110

relations with territorial governors, 111

and Short’s business affairs, 238, 355, 427-8, 616

and commissions for federal appointees, 347, 424-5

and U.S. debt to France, 348, 382, 385, 429, 487-8, 601-3, 611n

clerkships in sought, 403, 794n

and case of Lafayette, 644n

and bills of exchange for Department of State, 651

and Department of State accounts, 653, 657-61

responsibilities delineated, 780

Department of War, U.S.

and case of Betsey, 84, 85

relations with territorial governors, 111

and campaign against Western Indians, 630

and case of Lafayette, 643-4

responsibilities delineated, 780

clerkship sought in, 794n

De Pauw (Delpeau), Charles

and French plan to liberate Louisiana, 176-80, 312, 314

depreciation of currency

attempts to stop, 686-7

and army pay, 718

Derieux, Justin Pierre Plumard

letters to, 4, 119, 494

business affairs, 4, 119, 122, 353-4, 494

Derieux, Mme Justin Pierre Plumard

TJ’s affection for, 119, 494

De Semitiere, M. See Du Simitière (De Semitiere), Pierre Eugène

Desgue, Capt. (master of Tyger)

and case of Commerce, 10-11


for Mary Jefferson, 523

Deure, M.

vineyard, 762


figurine depicting, 752

Diana (ship)

carries whale oil to France, 768-9

Dickens Ferry

and retreat of Greene’s army, 709

Dickinson, Charles

master of the Patty and Julia, 264n

Digges, Dudley

elected to Va. Committee of Safety, 678

Dillon, Arthur, Comte de

arrest of, 5

Dinwiddie Co., Va.

militia, 713

Dissertazione sopra il Quesito Indicare le vere Teorie con le quali devono eseguirsi le stime dei terreni (Adamo Fabbroni)

given to TJ, 754-5

Dissmore, Thomas

master of Joseph, 135


Read’s improvements, 790-2, 803

Hall’s improvements, 792

district attorneys, U.S.

letters to, 338-9, 456

instructions to, 340

and maritime jurisdiction of U.S., 338-40, 340-2, 426

and alleged threats to French consuls, 456, 458

District Court for Maryland, U.S.

and case of Roehampton, 319n

and case of Betsey, 351-2

District Court for Massachusetts, U.S.

and case of Duplaine, 79-81

District Court for New York, U.S.

and case of William Tell, 46n, 280

and case of Catherine, 280

District Court for Pennsylvania, U.S.

and case of William, 384

District Court for Vermont, U.S.

judge for, 30

district courts, U.S.

jurisdiction over belligerent prize cases, 68-9, 134n

and arrest of French deserters, 76-8

Divers, George

declines office, 703

Dobson, John

TJ’s account with, 300n

Dobson, Richard

letter to, 300

TJ’s account with, 300

letters from cited, 300n

letters to cited, 300n

Doctors’ Commons

and cases of Eliza, Jay, and Cato, 11

and case of Hamilton, 526

Dohrman, Arnold Henry

letter to, 695

recommended by TJ, 695

identified, 696n

Dohrman, Jacob, & Co.

compensation for, 262-3

Doll (slave)

bequeathed by Ann Eppes Harris, 682


history of Mexican, 218

value in comparison to livre, 487-8n

value in comparison to florin, 545n

value in comparison to rix-dollar, 545n, 566n

value in comparison to colonial livre, 566n

amount and proportion of silver in, 809-11, 813-14, 821-2

Spanish, 810, 811, 813, 821

value in comparison to sterling, 810


TJ gives, 753

of Mary Jefferson, 765

Dominica, W.I.

ship from captured, 44-6

and British trade regulations, 540, 559, 572

Dominick, Capt.

carries letter to TJ, 258

Donald, Alexander

and Short’s business affairs, 108, 137, 201, 408n

letter from cited, 108n

and mortgage on Varina, 294

and telescope for TJ, 376, 590

mentioned, 356

Donnally, Andrew

and militia, 692-3

Don Quixote (Miguel de Cervantes)

TJ learns Spanish from, 739-40

Dorchester, Lord (Sir Guy Carleton)

scouts U.S. defenses, 287

speech to Western Indians, 535

mentioned, 23

Dorsay (Orsay), M.

vineyard, 761, 842-3

Dover (Va. estate)

mortgage on, 394-5, 396-7, 496

Dover tract

and R. Morris’s land speculations, 206

Draybourge, Christian

and outfitting of Industry, 318-19n

Dro, M. See Droz (Dro, Drotz), Jean Pierre


at Monticello, 323


in Va., 219

Droz (Dro, Drotz), Jean Pierre

and Mint, 645

coinage of, 767

Dryburgh, Capt. (master of Polly), 138

Duane, James

letter to, 76

and Galbaud’s dispute with Genet, 34n, 76-8

and case of Catherine, 280

and case of William Tell, 280

Duane, William

and pardon for C. Freeman, 443


U.S. consul at, 814

Dubosq, M.

and alleged French refugee plots in U.S., 296

Duchoqueltz, Mantel

witnesses wedding of F. Crèvecoeur, 781

Duck river

and land grants within Southwest Territory, 796

Dufay, Louis Pierre

and Talon’s business affairs, 460n

Duffield, Benjamin

physician at Bush Hill, 259-60

Dumas, Charles William Frederick

letters to, 95-7, 301-2

letters from forwarded, 163, 198

TJ recommends Lear to, 226n, 301-2, 304-5

and Department of State accounts, 650

and sale of U.S. minister’s residence at The Hague, 651

account with U.S., 653n

Dumouriez (Dumourier), Charles François du Périer

TJ compares to Genet, 62-3

Dunkirk, France

U.S. consul at, 9

attacked by Great Britain, 149, 334, 345

Dunlap’s American Daily Advertiser (Philadelphia)

quoted, 818

Dunn, Mary

deaths from yellow fever at boardinghouse of, 406

Duplaine, Antoine Charbonnet

letter to, 184-5

exequatur revoked, 6, 53, 182, 184-6, 188, 189-90, 228, 272-4, 416, 427, 631, 650

prosecution of, 13-14, 79-82, 132

and case of Greyhound, 62, 260

identified, 185n

letter to submitted to Washington, 189

and case of Harpooner, 310n

Duplessis, H.

and case of San Josef, 269n

Dupont, François

letter to, 51

and threatened revocation of French consular exequaturs, 51

and case of Citoyen Genet, 103-4

and case of Sans Culotte, 103-4

death of, 121, 123, 190, 257, 352

and case of Fanny, 257

and case of William, 257, 384

and address of French consular commissions, 501

and detention of French sailors, 511-12n

Dupouy, Capt. (master of Nouvelle Rosalie)

and relief of Saint-Domingue refugees, 65, 89

Du Roy, M.

vineyard, 763

Durry, Thomas

and case of Jay, 9, 12

Du Rumaine, Jean Louis

and tonnage duties from Saint-Domingue refugees, 525

letter from cited, 525n

Du Simitière (De Semitiere), Pierre Eugène

tutors Martha Jefferson in art, 734

Dusmond, Germany

vineyard near, 763, 844

Du Vivier, M.

vineyard, 762