Volume 27 Index



Cabell, William, Jr.

elected to Va. Committee of Safety, 678

Cabinet, U.S. See United States: Cabinet

Cabot, Mr.

letter to, 739-40

Cabot, Andrew

possible letter to, 740n

Cabot, George

alleged support for hereditary Senate and President for life, 467

possible letter to, 739-40

identified, 740n

Cabot, John

possible letter to, 740n


U.S. consul at, 60n, 89n, 636, 782n

marine list of, 107

U.S. trade with, 135, 138-9n, 232, 252, 266n, 283

U.S. ships carried to, 155, 252-3

warns American ships of Algerine truce, 252

trade with Cartagena, 269n, 310-11, 628n

cost of sherry at, 842

Caesar (slave)

deeded to TJ by mother, 676

Calcutta, India

U.S. trade with, 832-3, 835

Caldwell, Samuel

and case of Hope, 634n

Calman, M.

and denunciation of Mangourit, 295-7


as headache remedy, 824

Cambis, Joseph

commander of Jupiter, 386

Camden (Cambden), S.C.

British garrison at, 697

aftermath of battle of, 701n

camera obscura

borrowed by TJ, 47

purchased by TJ, 47n


pseudonym possibly attributed by TJ to J. Adams, 6-8

pseudonym used by Fisher Ames, 8n

Campbell, Alexander

letter to, 338-9

instructions to, 340

and case of Républicaine, 195

and maritime jurisdiction of U.S., 338-40

letters to submitted to Washington, 340n, 391

letter from cited, 849

Campbell, David

letter from, 805

residence of, 785

asks advice on library, 805

names son after TJ, 805

Campbell, Jefferson

named after TJ, 805

camp kettles

for Va. troops, 706

Campo, Bernardo, Marquis del

recommends Miller to Pinckney, 144


Miller visits, 144

British send troops to, 158

Galbaud escapes to, 284

British raise troops in, 287

French plan to liberate, 290-3, 385-6, 594n

Genet’s plan for governance of, 293

C. Freeman escapes to, 439-43

and British trade restrictions, 448n, 540, 559, 566n, 572

Canada, Lower

and Caughnawauga Indians, 610n


and Short’s investment strategy, 203-4, 207, 615, 617n

Canard, Juan (Chiaha chief)

and Creek hostilities with Ga., 463n

Canary Islands

duties on U.S. exports to, 547n, 565n, 569


export to French West Indies, 639


and U.S. defense preparations, 46

for French West Indies, 131

threatened by British, 707

Canton (ship)

passport, 856

Cape Gata, Spain

Laurel captured off, 107

Cape Henry

recommendation for keeper of lighthouse at, 794n

Cape St. Vincent, Portugal

U.S. ships captured off, 469

Capet. See Louis XVI, King of France

Cape Verde Islands

duties on U.S. exports to, 537, 555, 569

Cap-Français (Cape Francois), Saint-Domingue

tonnage duties from refugees from, 191

and case of Républicaine, 195n

and case of Providence, 269n, 344n

and case of Industry, 318n, 321-2

trade with Baltimore, 318n

and Talon’s business affairs, 460n

destruction of during slave revolt, 489n

Caracas (Carraccas)

duties on flour, 578n

Caramagnole. See Carmagnole

Carey, Mr.

travels to Richmond, 786

Carey, John

letter from, 836

American Remembrancer, 836

Carey, Mathew

describes yellow fever epidemic, xlix


TJ’s interest in, 735-6, 739

Carmagnole (Caramagnole) (French privateer and advice boat)

and restoration of French prizes, 72-3, 99-100

and withdrawal from U.S. ports of French privateers commissioned by Genet in U.S., 77, 634

renamed Columbia, 452n

required to disarm, 452n.

See also Columbia

Carmichael, William

letter to, 88

letter from, 161-3

failure to keep superiors informed, 87

and joint commission to Spain, 87, 88, 326-7

correspondence with TJ forwarded to Pinckney, 91

letters forwarded to, 142, 498

and U.S. boundary with Spain, 142, 161-3, 519-20

and U.S. right to navigate Mississippi, 142, 161-3, 519-20

compensation for British seizures of U.S. ships, 155

and Spanish relations with Southern Indians, 161-3, 519-20

letter from submitted to Washington, 163n

and Spanish diplomatic protocol, 209-12

desires diplomatic promotion, 212

and case of Greenway, 253

and case of Rooksby, 253

and books for TJ, 324

and possibility of treaty of alliance with Spain, 357-9

Short hints at intemperance of, 358, 359n

letters to copied, 402-3

and U.S. trade with Spain, 519-20

account with U.S., 650, 653n

and Algerine piracy, 752-3

letter from cited, 848

mentioned, 208

Carnes, Burrell, 174

Carnes, Edward

death of, 174

Caroline Co., Va.

Republican resolutions on neutrality, 16, 18n, 144-5

militia, 706, 708, 710

Carondelet, Francisco Luis Hector, Baron de

and Creek hostilities with Ga., 463n

and Spanish relations with Southern Indians, 584-5, 604, 622-5

and Spanish relations with U.S., 622-5

Carr, Mr.

and Mayo v. Lewis, 671

Carr, Dabney (TJ’s brother-in-law)

recalled by TJ, 338

TJ composes epitaph for, 673-5

estate of, 675n

Carr, Jane (Mrs. John Carr), 674

Carr, John, 674

Carr, Martha Jefferson (Mrs. Dabney Carr, TJ’s sister)

letter to, 256

letter from, 755-6

and credit for Anna Marks, 256-7, 258

TJ’s affection for, 256

TJ’s debt to, 256-7, 270, 337-8, 431

letter from cited, 257n

relations with Mary Jefferson, 755-6

letter to cited, 756n

mentioned, 674, 758

Carr, Nancy

affection for TJ, 756

Carr, Peter (TJ’s nephew)

letter to, 337-8

letter from, 270

and TJ’s debt to M. J. Carr, 270, 337-8

debut as lawyer, 338

TJ borrows carriage of, 497, 638


displayed by Blanchard, 252

borrowed by TJ, 497, 638.

See also



Carrington, Edward

carries letter from Washington to TJ, 253

Carrington, Paul

elected to Va. Committee of Safety, 678

in legal dispute, 683n

Carroll, Bishop John

recommends Cassanave to C. Carroll, 838

Carroll, Charles, of Carrollton

letter from, 838

introduces Cassanave to TJ, 838

Cartagena, Colombia

trade with Cádiz, 269n, 310-11, 628n

Carter, Charles (of Fredericksburg)

letters from, 435, 589-90

recommends son to TJ, 435, 589-90

Carter, Charles (of Lancaster Co.)

receives votes for Va. Committee of Safety, 678

Carter, Charles (of Shirley)

rabbits of, 723

Carter, Charles Landon

receives State Department clerkship, 435, 589-90

Carter, Edward

aridity of land of, 205

Carter, Lucy Wood (Mrs. Edward Carter)

health of, 345

Carter, Walker Randolph

and State Department clerkship for C. L. Carter, 589

Carter, William Champe

and Short’s business affairs, 617n

cartridge paper

duties on, 841



mule cart


Carven, Capt. See Carvin (Carven), Jean Baptiste

Carvin, M.

plan to capture Tortuga Island, 296, 356

Carvin (Carven), Jean Baptiste

master of Industry, 370-2, 419

Cary, Archibald

debt to Wayles estate, 337, 493

receives votes for Va. Committee of Safety, 678

given pecan trees by TJ, 723

Cary, Jane Barbara Carr (Mrs. Wilson Cary)

described, 345n

Cary, Wilson, 345n

Cases Argued and Adjudged in the High Court of Chancery (Thomas Vernon)

cited by TJ, 726, 727n

Cases Argued and Determined in the High Court of Chancery, in the Time of Lord Chancellor Hardwicke (Francis Vesey)

cited by TJ, 726, 727n

Cases in Law and Equity (Robert Lucas)

cited by TJ, 726

Cassan, Jean Baptiste

exequatur for, 347, 352

and alleged threats to French consuls, 456n

and alleged French refugee plots in U.S., 629n

Cassanave, Etienne

introduced to TJ by C. Carroll, 838

Cassini de Thury, César François

Relation de deux Voyages Faits en Allemagne, 54

Cassinovi, Mr. See Cazenove (Cassinovi), Théophile

Castaing, M.

and rumored slave rebellion, 614


seized by British, 448n

Castries, Charles Eugène de La Croix, Marquis de

and prize money for Jones’s command, 746-8

Caswell, Richard

and southern campaign, 697


French advance in, 149

Cathalan, Stephen, Jr.

letters to, 95-6, 301-2

and case of Burgain, 96n

and case of Robins, 96n

letters forwarded to, 198-9, 200

TJ recommends Lear to, 226n, 301-2

book to be forwarded by, 767

Catharine (ship from Jamaica), 160

Catherine (ship from Halifax)

and detention of French prizes in U.S. ports, 280, 364

Catherine II (the Great), Empress of Russia

expels Genet, 128-9

pensions Kierrulf, 595-6n

and John Ledyard, 764

Cato (ship)

case of, 11


impressment of, 700-1

TJ purchases mother’s, 778

Caudine Forks (fourches caudines), Italy, 288

Caughnawaga Indians

hostile to U.S., 610n


horses for, 691, 710, 720

Caves Ware-Houses, Va.

militia garrison, 708

Cayenne, French Guiana

Raphaelle Peale collects scientific specimens at, 524n

Cazenove (Cassinovi), Théophile

rents house from Leiper, 799


copy for Coxe, 35, 76

Pickering requests copy, 628

receipt of returns of inhabitants, 795, 816

Ceracchi, Giuseppe

letter to, 360-1

bust of TJ, 360-1

statue of Washington, 360

Ceres (ship)

carries dispatches from Genet to France, 219

Cerf (French warship)

captures William Tell, 44-6, 49, 104, 171-2

cruises off N.Y., 100

joins abortive naval campaign in Canada, 386-7n

Cervantes, Miguel de

Don Quixote, 739-40


at TJ’s Schuylkill house, 125

for TJ’s overseers, 411, 497

shipment of TJ’s, 586, 786

TJ’s Windsor, 586

Chalamelle, M.

vineyard, 762

Chambertin, France

TJ evaluates wine of, 761, 842

Champagne, France

TJ evaluates wines of, 761, 842-3

Chancery, High Court of (Britain)

appeals to, 722-3

Chancery, High Court of (Va.)

appeals to, 722-3

Chandler, Thomas

and naval supplies, 693n

disobeys order, 717

Chandon, M.

and prize money for Jones’s command, 748n

Channing, William

death of, 160, 194

Channing, Mrs. William

and death of husband, 160

Chanoine Monron, M.

vineyard, 762

Chapin, Israel

and British retention of western posts, 448-9n, 651

Chapman, James

and case of William Green, 835

Chapman, John

hired as State Department clerk, 402, 403


shipment of TJ’s, 586

Charles IV, King of Spain

and enlistment of U.S. citizens in French service, 177-9

Short fails to gain access to, 209

relations with U.S., 220, 288-9, 357, 623-5

and Portuguese-Algerine truce, 231

gives ship to Algiers, 233

and trade duties at New Orleans, 444

and Creek hostilities with Ga., 463n

and Spanish relations with Southern Indians, 623-5

makes New Orleans free port, 845


need for British consul at, 61

and French privateers commissioned by Genet in U.S., 78, 131, 269n, 351

supports French Revolution, 131

Genet’s arrival at, 134n

trade with London, 158n

and case of Andrew, 159n

and alleged French refugee plots in U.S., 286, 356, 404-6, 415, 614

and denunciation of Mangourit, 295-7

and French plan to capture E. and W. Fla., 295-7

and relief of Saint-Domingue refugees, 336-7

and case of Providence, 344n

appointment of collector for, 424

French consul at threatened, 437

rumored slave rebellion in, 614

and withdrawal from U.S. ports of French privateers commissioned by Genet in U.S., 634

British siege of, 694-5

occupied by British, 696-7

and exports of fish, 788

Charlestown, Mass.

French privateer fitted out at, 80n

Charlotte (Sharlott, slave)

deeded to TJ by mother, 676

bequeathed to TJ’s sister, 779n

Charlottesville, Va.

Republican meeting at, 16, 19n

postmaster at, 590

Charnock, Robert

and case of William Green, 829-36

Château Durfort

TJ evaluates wine of, 763, 843

Chateaufort, Ignatius Romain, Chevalier D’Avistay de

and address of French consular commissions, 500-1

Château Grillet (Chateau-Grillé)

TJ evaluates wine of, 762

Chateau Laroze (La Rose)

vineyard, 763, 843

Château Léoville (Lionville)

vineyard, 763

Château Margaux (Chateau-Margeau)

TJ evaluates wine of, 762, 843

Chatham, Mr.

and TJ’s retirement, 590

Chatham (Va. estate)

TJ visits, 496

mentioned, 18

Chattahoochee (Indian town)

and Creek hostilities with Ga., 584-5n


duties on, 840

chequin. See sequin

Cheraw Hill, S.C.

British garrison at, 697

Cherokee Indians

relations with Creeks, 584-5n

relations with Ga., 584-5n

relations with Spain, 584-5n

relations with U.S., 584-5n

Chervi, M.

exequatur for, 282, 302, 352, 415, 426, 479, 603, 618

French vice-consul for Va., 461-2

Chesapeake bay

and Va.-Md. boundary, 54n

and alleged British plots against U.S., 303-4

and alleged French refugee expedition against Jérémie, 436

defense of military supplies crossing, 696

French fleet in proposed, 704-5

Chesterfield Co., Va.

militia, 713

Chetwood, John

and pardon for C. Freeman, 440

Chiaha Indians

and Creek hostilities with Ga., 463n

Chiappe, Francisco

and Barclay’s mission to Morocco, 513

Chiappe, Giuseppe

and Moroccan affairs, 817

Chickasaw (Chicasaw) Bluffs. See Ecores à Margot

Chickasaw Indians

relations with Spain, 585n

relations with U.S., 585n

war with Creeks, 585n

Childs, Micajah

carries letter to TJ, 278

Chillicothe, Ohio

battle near, 693n

Chipman, Nathaniel

judge for District Court for Vermont, 30

Chittenden, Thomas

letters to, 30, 815

recommends Knight, 30

letter from cited, 30n

and ratification of Bill of Rights, 815n


exportation from French colonies, 169

Choler, Charles

master of William Tell, 45n

Chollet, Samuel

owner of William Tell, 46n

Christian VII, King of Denmark

and representation in U.S. by Swedish consuls, 389-90n, 409, 581

Church, Angelica Schuyler (Mrs. John B. Church)

letter to, 449-50

letter from, 301

affection for Mary Jefferson, 301

affection for TJ, 301

and case of Lafayette, 449

invited to Monticello, 449-50

Church, Catherine (Kitty)

invited to Monticello, 449-50

TJ’s affection for, 765

Church, Edward

letter to, 95-6

letters from, 139-42, 149, 220-2, 230-4, 262-3, 264-5

arrives in Lisbon, 96n

letter forwarded to, 97n

introduced to Coutinho, 107

and Algerine piracy, 139-40, 222

consular expenses of, 141

chargé d’affaires in Portugal, 142, 283

meets Mello e Castro, 142

and death of Denney, 142n

letters from cited, 142n, 848, 849

letters from submitted to Washington, 142n, 149n, 222n, 235n, 264n, 266n

and Spanish-French war, 149

forwards letter from TJ, 162

and Portuguese-Algerine truce, 197, 230-5, 262-7, 284n, 498, 507, 517-18

and proposed alliance between Great Britain and Spain, 220-1

and Portuguese-Spanish trade, 221-2

and wine exports to U.S., 221-2

and case of Minerva, 223-4, 239n

and U.S. commercial treaty with Portugal, 263

and case of Commerçant, 282-3

and ransom of captives in Algiers, 521n

Church, John Barker

letter to, 502

and case of Lafayette, 425n, 502-3

identified, 503n

Pinckney forwards letter from TJ to, 509

Cincinnatus (ship)

and British captures of U.S. ships, 377

Circuit Court for Massachusetts, U.S.

and case of Duplaine, 79-80, 261, 273

Circuit Court for New Jersey, U.S.

and case of C. Freeman, 439-41, 495

Citizen of America to the Citizens of Europe, A (Thomas Paine)

published in London, 227n


rights of naturalized citizens, 146

certification of, 853

Citoyen Genet (French privateer)

captures Lovely Lass, 69n

captures Prince William, 69n

detention of, 78, 124

and withdrawal from U.S. ports of French privateers commissioned by Genet in U.S., 78, 124, 632-5

captures Betsey, 79, 84, 85, 351

captures William, 104, 382-3, 384

and restoration of French prizes, 413-14

and French captures of prizes in U.S. territorial waters, 417

and compensation for French prizes, 611, 621-2

City of Altona (ship)

and Portuguese-Algerine truce, 234n

Clanachan. See McClanachan (Clanachan), Capt.

Clark, Lt.

and Chickasaw-Creek war, 585n

Clark, Mr.

recommends Saab_e as consul at Copenhagen, 802

Clark (Clarke), George Rogers

and French plan to liberate Louisiana, 112n, 631n

asked to support western expedition, 693n

attacks Shawnee, 693n

supplies for, 710-11

Clarke, Jonathan

and Convention troops, 690

Clarke, Samuel

letter from, 787

and rice for TJ, 787

identified, 787n

Clarkson, Manoah

overseer at Monticello, 267

Clarkson, Matthew

and mistreatment of deputation from Saint-Domingue, 429-30

Clayton, Joshua

letter to, 815

letter from cited, 87n

and Vining’s election return, 87n

Clermont (ship), 795

Clermont, M. de

vineyards, 761, 842

Clinton, Cornelia Tappen

marries Genet, 298

Clinton, George

letters to, 75, 636, 815

and Galbaud’s dispute with Genet, 32-4, 42, 75-6, 77n, 285

and case of Republican, 77n

and case of Carmagnole, 452n

and British retention of western posts, 610, 636

and relations with Western Indians, 610

and U.S. defense needs, 610

Clinton, Sir Henry

returns to N.Y., 696

rumored expedition against New Castle, Del., 716n

clock, great

at Monticello, lii, 394 (illus.)

and TJ’s Philadelphia residence, 125-6

Spurck’s repairs to, 508

TJ’s directions for, 839-40


English manufacture of, 154

and calculation of weights and measures, 219n

for TJ, 508

Close, Henry Jackson

and plow for Washington, 425n


exports from France to U.S., 168


restrictions on exports from France, 365-7


planted by Hawkins, 279

clover, red

TJ buys seed, 411, 483, 509, 582, 617

Cobb, William, 787n

Coblentz. See Koblenz (Coblentz), Germany

Cobourg (Coburg), Prince of. See Saxe-Coburg, Friedrich Josias, Prince of


rice production, 760

Cochran, John

commissioner of loans at N.Y., 355

Cockler, Sir John

buys house in Williamsburg, 665


export from British West Indies, 539, 558, 572


U.S. exports to France, 166.

See also



salted fish


captured by British, 52

export from French colonies, 164, 167, 362, 640

export from British West Indies, 539, 558, 572

Coffin (Coffyn), Laben

and whale fishery, 96n

Coffyn, Francis

as consul at Dunkirk, 9


of silver, 450, 645-8, 810-11, 813-14, 821-2

of copper, 645, 822

of gold, 645-8

need for American, 789

and TJ’s uniform system of weights and measures, 811n, 813-14, 821-2.

See also


Mint, U.S.

Coke, Sir Edward

Institutes of the Laws of England, 609

Coleman v. Seymour

TJ cites precedent, 726, 727n

Coles, John

rich lands of, 205, 615

Colin, Abbé. See Sévigny, Collin de

Colle (Mazzei’s Va. plantation)

Short admires, 206

Collection Act of 1790

and tonnage duties from Saint-Domingue refugees, 461-2

Colley, Nathaniel

remittance to, 795

Collin, Nicholas

letter to, 118

and model of threshing machine for TJ, 118

Collins, John

and Short’s business affairs, 616

Collot, Victor

seeks recall from West Indies, 405n

Columbia (French advice boat and privateer)

joins abortive naval campaign in Canada, 386-7n

renamed from Carmagnole, 452n.

See also Carmagnole

Columbian Centinel (Boston)

and “Camillus” essays, 6-8

Colvill, Charles

and captives in Algiers, 807

Colvill, John

bequest of, 719n

Commentaries on the Laws of England (William Blackstone)

J. Randolph reads, 609

Commerçant (Commerciant)(ship)

detained by Portugal, 141, 283n


power of Continental Congress to regulate, 742

Commerce, Report on

preparation of, li, 394 (illus.), 533-4, 800-2, 840-1

and Algerine piracy, 198n

editorial note and documents on, 532-81

Coxe’s notes on, 533-4, 546n, 565-7n, 578, 840-1

Viar and Jaudenes supply data for, 533-4, 565n

draft sent to Van Berckel, 534

Hammond supplies data for, 534, 565n

reaction to, 534-5

Ternant supplies data for, 534, 565n

Washington comments on, 534, 566n

first state of, 535-52

Fenwick supplies data for, 545n

Madison supplies data for, 546

FitzSimons’s notes on, 547n, 800-1

Bourne’s notes on, 548n, 801

Sheffield’s data cited in, 548n, 578n

second state of, 553-67

final state of, 567-79

Hawkesbury’s data cited in, 578n

W. T. Franklin supplies data for, 578n

submission to House of Representatives, 579-80

submission to Senate, 580-1

supplementary report on, 620, 639-43

Commerce (U.S. brig.)

detained at Port au Prince, 525-6

Commerce (U.S. ship)

captured by Tyger, 10-11, 95

Commerciant. See Commerçant

commissary general, Continental

and provisioning of Convention troops, 689

Commissioners of Accounts

and final settlement of state accounts, 504

commissioners of customs, British

and American trade statistics, 11

Commissioners of the Federal District. See Federal District Commissioners

Commissioners of the Sinking Fund, U.S.

action to stem Panic of 1792, 825

Commissioners of the Treasury, U.S.

and prize money for Jones’s command, 746

and establishment of mint, 810

Commissioners to Spain. See Carmichael, William; Short, William

Comptroller of the Treasury, U.S. See Wolcott, Oliver, Jr.

Concorde (French frigate)

and case of Greyhound, 6, 81n, 261

cruises off N.Y., 100

joins abortive naval campaign in Canada, 386-7n

Concorde (ship)

prize of, 171-2

Confederation, Articles of

Md. subscribes to, 711

proposed change in, 742n

Congress, Continental

and address of French consular commissions, 500-1

and free ships and free goods, 598, 600-1n

TJ meets Rutledge in, 638

and medals for army officers, 651-2n

acts sent to governors, 684, 688, 700, 718

urges states to raise troops, 684

A. Lee’s diversion of funds to Va.’s credit, 686

and accounts for provisioning of Convention troops, 689

Va. resolutions enclosed to, 698

resolutions on public finance, 702

and depreciation of soldier’s pay, 718

relations with France, 720

and TJ’s appointment as peace commissioner, 728-9

revenue plan for, 729-31, 742n

TJ’s list of resolutions, 734

requisitions to states, 738

validity of Loan Office certificates, 738

and new states from western territory, 739

power to regulate commerce, 742

and prize money for Jones’s command, 746, 747

and establishment of mint, 810, 814n

Congress, U.S. See United States: Congress

Coningham. See Conyngham


and ratification of Bill of Rights, li-lii

Joret de Longchamps purchases land in, 146

agriculture in, 193

and Madison’s revenue plan, 729-30

cedes land claims to U.S., 809n

legislative acts sent to TJ, 852

Connecticut, Governor of. See Huntington, Samuel

Conscience, Andrie

and Galbaud’s dispute with Genet, 42, 77n, 97

Constitutional Convention

and control of foreign policy, 412

Constitution of the United States

ratification of Bill of Rights, li-lii, 815

and Republican resolutions on neutrality, 20

and treaties as laws, 105

Genet’s misunderstanding of, 127, 130, 272-4, 379, 414, 457, 480

and Caroline Co. resolutions, 144

and address of consular commissions, 176, 363

Howell supports ratification of, 194

and appointment power, 213

Short’s veneration of, 214

and President’s power to relocate Congress, 228-9, 254

and power to declare war, 412, 421-2

and Proclamation of Neutrality, 412

and powers of Congress, 428

and proposal for military academy, 454

and U.S. right to navigate Mississippi, 631n

consular convention (1788)

and French consular admiralty jurisdiction in U.S., 13-14, 51, 170, 171-2

and arrest of French deserters, 42n, 75, 76-8, 98, 607

and address of French consular commissions, 500-2

enabling legislation, 789

consuls, British

and compensation for French prizes, 37, 44

in N.C., S.C., and Ga., 61

original commission necessary for exequatur, 61, 82-3

and French captures of prizes in U.S. territorial waters, 339-40, 341-2, 385, 417

consuls, French

letter to (circular), 51

admiralty jurisdiction in U.S., 6, 12-14, 33, 44-6, 48, 49-50, 51, 52-3, 55, 71, 170, 171-2, 182, 184-6, 188, 189-90, 272-4, 317-18, 319n, 320, 321-2, 375, 392, 393, 426

subject to U.S. law, 13-14

and restoration of French prizes, 25-6, 457

and Galbaud’s dispute with Genet, 32

and detention of French prizes in U.S. ports, 46n, 49, 67-8, 132, 410

threatened revocation of exequaturs, 49, 51, 52-3, 83, 123, 170, 375, 378-9

and exercise of functions without exequaturs, 74

and arrest of French deserters, 75, 77-8n

authority of over French naval officers, 81n

Pintard as, 96n

TJ criticizes conduct of, 108

instructions from Genet, 112-13

and Genet’s recall, 129-30

and French right to commission privateers in U.S., 148

and opening of French colonial ports to U.S. ships, 164-9, 362

address of commissions of, 176, 363, 414-15, 489, 500-2, 526-7

and revocation of Duplaine’s exequatur, 182, 416, 427, 631

and sale of French prizes in U.S., 219, 364

original commissions necessary for exequaturs, 282, 302-3

and maritime jurisdiction of U.S., 339-40, 341-2, 364

exequaturs for, 347, 352, 363, 479, 603, 618

and French captures of prizes in U.S. territorial waters, 385, 410

Genet’s rank as consul general questioned, 403

and alleged French refugee plots in U.S., 404-6

safety threatened, 437, 456, 458, 481-2, 523

and French plan to conquer E. and W. Fla., 619-20n

consuls, Swedish

and neutrality rules, 389-90, 409

represent Denmark in U.S., 389, 390n, 409, 581

consuls, U.S.

letter to (circular), 95-7

in France, 9

need for cooperation from ship captains, 11, 135

locations of, 35

for European colonies, 76

fees for, 96n

in West Indies, 118

salary for, 141

security requirements for, 141, 650, 856

accounts, 150, 651

and impressment, 150

and Portuguese-Algerine truce, 196-7

Bankson forwards circular letter to, 198-9

laws regulating, 789

in Copenhagen, 802

cost of obtaining recognition in Dublin, 814

letters from not received by TJ listed, 847-50

commissioning of, 855, 857.

See also

Auldjo, Thomas

Cathalan, Stephen, Jr.

Church, Edward

Cooper, Henry

Cutting, Nathaniel

Delamotte, F. C. A.

Fenwick, Joseph

Greenleaf, James

Johnson, Joshua

Maury, James

Montgomery, Robert

Morphy, Michael

Parish, John

Phillips, Benjamin H.

Pintard, John Marsden

Saabÿe, Hans Rodolph

Skipwith, Fulwar

Vanderhorst, Elias

Yznardi, Joseph, Jr.L


Denney dies of, 142n

Continental Army

Lafayette’s pay for service in, 618n

Va. troops in, 697, 703

provisioning of, 700-1, 703

arms for southern army, 709

reinforcements for southern army, 711

depreciation of monthly pay, 718

French subsidy for southern army, 720-1

Continental Congress. See Congress, Continental


British policy toward, 56-7, 100-2, 138, 143, 149-50, 448n

U.S. policy toward, 458-9

Convention troops

baggage of, 684

provisioning of, 689, 701n, 716

supplied by flag of truce, 689-90, 715

horses of, 690

Conway, Richard

and accounts of Federal District Commissioners, 75n

Conyngham (Coningham, Cunningham) (ship)

captured by Sans Culottes, 342-3

and French captures of prizes in U.S. territorial waters, 342-3, 374, 392, 417, 421, 426, 618

Cook, William

and case of San Josef, 343-4n, 627-8n

Cook v. Cook

TJ cites precedent, 726

Cooper, Justice

and case of Greyhound, 81n

Cooper, Henry

letter to, 95-6

letter from, 351

consular bond, 351

Copeland, Mr.

land transactions of, 669


desirability of consul at, 802


for Mint, 150, 158, 160, 311, 450, 589

copper coinage

at Mint, 645

consideration by Congress, 822

copying press, 306


and TJ, 853

Corcubion, Spain

and colonial trade, 579-80


duties on, 841

Corinth grape

vine sent to TJ, 278


and British trade restrictions, 33, 56, 123, 150n, 454-5, 475, 478n

and French trade restrictions, 33, 471

duties on in Denmark, 548n, 557, 565n, 571, 802

duties on in Danish West Indies, 549n, 559, 573

militia seeks relief to plant, 715

Cornelia (French warship)

joins abortive naval campaign in Canada, 386-7n

Cornell, David

and Creek hostilities with Ga., 463n


duties on in Danish West Indies, 549n, 559, 573

Cornwallis, Charles, Lord

invades N.C., 704n

opposed by Greene, 709, 711

invades Va., 719-20

Corny, Mme de. See Ethis de Corny, Anne Mangeot

Cortés (Cortez), Hernán

TJ seeks edition of letters of, 217-18, 324, 615

Cosway, Maria Hadfield (Mrs. Richard Cosway)

joins convent, 449

Côte Rôtie, France

TJ evaluates wines of, 762


export from French colonies, 169, 640

Pearce’s machine for cleaning, 393, 434

Arthur’s machine for spinning, 499

and import duties proposed by TJ, 546n, 550n, 551n

Pollard’s machine for spinning, 783

TJ’s notes on production of, 818

cotton, black-seed

and Whitney’s cotton gin, 434

cotton, green-seed

and Whitney’s cotton gin, 434

cotton gin

Whitney’s model of, xlix, 394 (illus.)

Whitney’s patent for, xlix, 240-51, 392-3

TJ’s interest in, 392-3, 433-4

Whitney describes to TJ, 433-4

Arthur proposes to build, 499

cotton mill

erection of in New Haven, 66


of public securities, 306n, 439-43, 495

of French paper money, 470

Coupland, David

surety of Carr estate, 675n

Court of Appeals, U.S.

papers of, 786

Coutinho, Diogo Pereira Forjaz

and case of Commerçant, 141

and case of Minerva, 149, 223-4, 282-3

places Pintard under house arrest, 223-4, 239, 282-3

Coutinho, Luís Pinto de Sousa

Church introduced to, 107

and case of Minerva, 149, 223-4

and Portuguese-Algerine truce, 230-3, 262, 264-7

Cox, Moses

letter to, 125-6

rents house to TJ, 125-6

Coxe, Albion

and coinage of silver, 450-5

assayer of Mint, 488, 645

Coxe, John D.

and U.S. ships carried into Bahamas, 118

Coxe, Tench

letters to, 76, 184, 782, 841

letters from, 35, 118, 136, 301, 346-7, 759, 760, 788, 808

memorandum from, 840-1

and location of consuls, 35

TJ sends census to, 76

and tonnage duties from Saint-Domingue refugees, 103

and U.S. ships carried into Bahamas, 118

and passports for U.S. ships, 136, 301

and British captures of U.S. ships, 184, 190

letter from submitted to Washington, 190

letter to submitted to Washington, 190

and commission for Delozier, 346-7

and TJ’s report on commerce, 533, 546n, 565-7n, 578n, 840-1

forms partnership to import English machinery, 759-60

TJ invites to dinner, 782

and fisheries, 788

and exchange rates, 808

Cozens, Matthew

commission for, 424

Crach, Germany. See Graach (Crach), Germany

Creek Indians

hostilities with Ga., 32, 462-4, 584-5n

and President’s annual address to Congress, 423

hostilities with Chickasaws, 584-5n

hostilities with U.S., 584-5n

relations with Cherokees, 584-5n

relations with Spain, 584-5n

treaty with, 785

Crèvecoeur, America Francès de

marries Otto, 781

Crèvecoeur, Michel Guillaume St. John

and address of French consular commissions, 500-1

daughter marries Otto, 781

Cropper, Sarah (Sally) Corbin

and camera obscura, 47

leaves trunk with TJ, 394

visits Trenton, 523-4

Crosby, Sampson

and model of threshing machine for TJ, 102

messenger in Department of State, 117

absent from Philadelphia, 146, 183, 260

and lodgings for TJ, 452

Crosby, Mrs. Sampson, 183

Cross, John

letters for Leacock delivered to, 510-11

crown, English

proportion of silver in, 821

crown, French

exchange rate in French West Indies, 808

proportion of silver in, 821

Crump, Abner

Powhatan Co. clerk, 683n

Crusca vocabulary (Italian)

TJ orders dictionary, 767

Cruse, Englehart (Englebert)

steam engine improvements, 803


slave trade in, 800

Culpeper Co., Va.

resolutions on neutrality, 237

militia, 706, 708-9, 715

Culver, William

carries dispatches to G. Morris, 400-1

Cumberland, Va.

depth of water at, 705

Cumberland Co., Va.

TJ’s lands in, 255

Cumberland river

and land grants within Southwest Territory, 796

Cunningham. See Conyngham


figurine depicting, 751

Curaçao, W.I.

and Dutch capture of U.S. prize, 136

Curles (Curls) (Randolph estate)

Short admires, 206

Currie, Anne Inglis (Mrs. James Currie)

TJ’s affection for, 493

mentioned, 119

Currie, James

letters to, 118-19, 493

letters from, 40-1, 260, 333, 397-8

financial affairs, 40-1, 118-19, 260, 333, 397-8, 493

TJ orders wine for, 260

and wine for TJ, 493

Custine (Guistine), Adam Philippe, Comte de

trial of, 5

introduced to TJ, 704

customs collectors, U.S.

and enforcement of neutrality, 36-7, 44, 473n

appointment of, 94

and Virginia’s quarantine against yellow fever, 135

and passports for U.S. ships, 136

and tonnage duties from Saint-Domingue refugees, 173, 522-3

cash bank notes on demand, 431

and compensation for French prizes, 504, 583, 621-2

and restoration of French prizes, 583

Cutler, Manasseh

and Ohio Company land purchase, 826

Cutting, John Brown

Leslie meets, 154

account with U.S., 658-60

and case of William Green, 832, 833, 834

Cutting, Nathaniel

letter to, 845

letter from, 23-4

and Humphreys’s mission to Algiers, 4, 23-4, 139, 141, 516, 845

letter from submitted to Washington, 24n

account with U.S., 654, 659-60

and rice for TJ, 787

wine merchant, 843

TJ invites to dinner, 845

letter to quoted, 845n

Cyrus (Sirus, slave)

deeded to TJ by mother, 676

bequeathed to TJ’s brother, 779n