Volume 27 Index



Abadie (Dabbadie), M. d’

TJ evaluates wine of, 763, 843

Acadia. See Nova Scotia

Acosta, M. d’. See Penet, d’Acosta Frères & Cie.

Adair, James B. M.

letter to, 3-4

letter from, 66-7

and model of threshing machine for TJ, 3-4, 66, 102-3, 173

and case of Jay, 4

and Sinclair’s queries on agriculture, 66-7

plans to visit TJ, 67

letter from cited, 67n

Adams, Abigail

letter from, 749-52

opinion of Great Britain, 749, 750

and household finances, 750-1

commissions TJ to make purchases, 751

Adams, John

letter to, 580

and “Camillus” essays, 6-8

nominates Prebble as consul at Cádiz, 60n

and ransom of American captives in Algiers, 142n

writings of admired in England, 276

and TJ’s report on commerce, 534, 580-1

and Barbary States, 750

expenses as diplomat, 750-1

wine for, 750

and seeds for TJ, 757

friendship for TJ, 769

mentioned, 67n

Adams, John Quincy

letter to, 744-5

TJ recommends, 744-5

Adams, Samuel

and case of Duplaine, 273-4n, 416n

Aerial (ship)

captured by British privateer, 54


Ledyard’s expedition to, 764

Agicourt, M. d’

vineyard, 762


value of threshing machine to southern states, 3-4

Sinclair’s queries on, 66-7, 637

Harriott’s views on, 193

Short’s views on, 201, 204-6

and sharecropping by slaves, 204-5

crop rotation in British, 277

Edwards’s views on British, 277

and maple sugar manufacture, 546n

Aij, France. See Ay (Aij), France

Aimée (Amée) Marguerite (Amiable Margaretta; Providence) (French privateer and British sloop)

captures San Josef, 268-9, 343-4, 346

renamed from Providence, 343-4

and restoration of French prizes, 422, 625-8

Albany, N.Y.

military stores removed to, 47

and yellow fever, 174

Albemarle barracks

accounts respecting, 689

Convention troops held at, 689-90, 701n

Albemarle Co., Va.

resolutions on neutrality, 19n, 27

Short desires to reside near, 205

estate of T. M. Randolph, Jr., 294-5

fertility of soil in, 615

suitability of cultivating grain in, 766

suitability of cultivating grass in, 766

Albert de Rions, François Hector, Comte d’

naval command, 770

Alder, Charles, & Co.

and Pintard’s arrest, 239n

Alexander, Eli

overseer for Shadwell and Lego, 483, 497, 524, 582

TJ’s instructions for, 509

departs for Richmond, 617

Alexandria, Va.

Short considers purchasing lots in, 202-3

French vice-consul at, 282


Humphreys’s mission to, 23-5, 106-7, 139-40, 152-3, 283, 636, 654, 845

relations with U.S., 60, 198n, 469-70, 513-18, 521, 522, 596-7, 637

Yznardi’s proposed mission to, 60, 498-9

navy, 107, 222, 283-4n, 823

piracy, 107, 135, 139-40, 187, 196-8, 199, 222-3, 224, 230-5, 252-3, 607-8, 609, 789

relations with Netherlands, 107

plague in, 126, 284n

Portuguese naval protection against, 196-8, 199, 222-3, 230-5, 252-3, 264-7

truce with Portugal, 196-8, 199, 222-3, 224, 230-5, 252-3, 262-7, 282-4, 469, 498-9, 503, 507, 508-9, 516-18, 607-8, 617, 619

truce with Netherlands, 284n

Skjöldebrand’s proposed mission to, 466

Leacock’s thoughts on, 596-7

relations with Gibraltar, 596-7

relations with Great Britain, 596-7, 637

Cutting’s mission to, 659-60

relations with Portugal, 752-3

relations with Spain, 752-3

Danish naval blockade, 823

relations with Venice, 823

vessel taken by Portugal, 823

Algiers, American captives in

ransom of, 142n, 513-18, 521, 822-4

numbers increase, 197n, 253, 284n, 469, 752-3

additional captures, 232

plea for ransom by, 466

subsistence of, 823

Algiers, Dey of. See Ali Hassan, Dey of Algiers; Muhammad Ibn Uthman, Dey of Algiers

Alicante, Spain

Humphreys visits, 153, 187, 200

and colonial trade, 579-80

consul at, 845

Alice (ship), 266n


and peace treaty, 826-7

Ali Hassan, Dey of Algiers

piracy of, 139

and ransom of American captives, 142n

and Portuguese-Algerine truce, 197n, 230-2

relations with U.S., 823

Allegheny Co., Pa.

and conflict with Western Indians, 34n

Allen, Capt. (master of Minerva), 283n

Allen, Jacob

and Creek hostilities with Ga., 463n

Allen, John

and patent for Whitney’s cotton gin, 246, 250

Allibone, William

and case of Hope, 634n

Ambitieux (French privateer)

captures Andrew, 159n

Ambler, Jacquelin

member Va. Board of Trade, 687n

Ambuscade. See Embuscade

American Museum

cited, 783

American Philosophical Society

elections to, 656

and sugar refining, 839n

American Remembrancer (John Carey)

subscription to publish, 836

Ames, Fisher

and “Camillus” essays, 8n

Amiable Margaretta. See Aimée (Amée) Marguerite

Amory, Rufus Greene

and case of Greyhound, 81-2n

Amory, Thomas, Jr.

and case of Greyhound, 81-2n

Ampuis (Ampuys), France

TJ evaluates wine of, 762


and bills of exchange for Department of State, 115, 612-13, 652

trade with U.S., 264n

Amsterdam Packet (ship), 10


entries in, xlix-l, 32-3, 384, 394 (illus.), 399-401, 411-12, 428, 453-5, 467


duties on, 841

Anderson, Adam

Anderson’s Historical and Chronological Deduction of the Origin of Commerce, 565n

Anderson, James (Eng.)

elected to American Philosophical Society, 656

Anderson, James (Nantes)

letters from cited, 847, 849

Anderson, James (public armorer)

employs artisans, 714-15

Anderson, William (London merchant)

aids John Paradise, 766

Anderson’s Historical and Chronological Deduction of the Origin of Commerce (Adam Anderson), 565n

Andrew (ship)

captured by Ambitieux, 159-60n, 224-5

Anmours (Dannemours), Charles François, Chevalier d’

and address of French consular commissions, 500-1

Ann (ship)

carries letter to TJ, 155

Annapolis, Md.

appointment of customs collector for, 94, 123, 424

possible meeting site of Congress, 228

expenses of delegates at, 737-8n

Anthony, Joseph, & Son

and TJ’s account with Fenwick, Mason & Co., 484

Anti-George (French privateer)

officers prosecuted, 73-4

Aop, Mr.

and prize money, 756


figurine, 751


planted by Hawkins, 279

Appleton, Nathaniel

letter from cited, 781n

recommends son for consular appointment, 781n

Appleton, Thomas

recommended for consular appointment at Lisbon, 781n

Ardouin, Capt. (master of Marianne)

and relief of Saint-Domingue refugees, 65, 89

Argilliers, M.

vineyard, 762

Arguments and Reports (Sir Henry Pollexfen)

valuation by TJ, 670

Arkwright, Sir Richard

cotton spinning machine, 783

Armistead, William

and military supplies for Va., 699


and U.S. defense preparations, 46, 610n

for French West Indies, 131, 134n

sale to belligerent nations, 458-9

shortage of, 706, 708

issuance to Va. militia, 719

Dutch imports to U.S., 805-6

Armstrong, John (N.C.)

and land grants within Southwest Territory, 796

Army, U.S. See United States: Army

Arnal, Abbé Etienne d’

American grist mills described to, 768

Arnold, Benedict

invades Va., 711, 713

Arnold, Thomas

letter from quoted, 194n

recommends Howell for district attorney, 194n, 376

Arnold, Welcome

letter from quoted, 194n

recommends Howell for district attorney, 194n, 376

arrêts du conseil

by France on foreign manufactures, 749-50

Art, James

master of Delaware, 436, 486-7n

Arthur, James

letter from, 499

proposes to build spinning machines, 499

Artois, Charles Philippe, Comte d’

plots overthrow of French revolutionary regime, 289n

Aruba, W.I.

U.S. prize captured by Dutch at, 136


Dutch unit of weight, 809-10


for phaeton wheels, 267

askos, bronze, at Nîmes

TJ asks Short to obtain copy, 767-8

Ast, Bingham & Co.

establishment of, 307

Ast, William Frederick

letter to, 359-60

letters from, 306-8, 591-2

fire insurance plan of, 306-9, 359-60, 591-2

moves to Richmond, 306-7

Ast, Mrs. William Frederick

and husband’s fire insurance plan, 308

Astrée (French warship)

Genet’s plans for, 386-7n

Atkins, Joshua

master of Betsey, 222, 235n

Audibert, M.

vineyard, 762

auditor, U.S.

and Department of State accounts, 612-13

Augusta (ship)

carries letter to TJ, 155

mentioned, 135

Augusta Co., Va.

letter to county lieutenant of, 691-3

and defense of western frontier, 691-3

militia, 691-3, 708

Patton land grant, 721-3

Auldjo, Thomas

letter to, 95-6

letter forwarded to, 97n

and case of Hamilton, 526

Aurora (ship)

capture of, 52

Austin, William

account with M. J. Carr, 257n


war with France, 276, 289n


displayed by Blanchard, 252

Auvillaij. See Hautvillers (Auvillaij), France

Auvorna grape

vine sent to TJ, 278

Avery, John

and case of Duplaine, 80

Avignon, France

TJ orders wine of, 767


for Va. troops, 706

Ay (Aij), France

TJ evaluates wine of, 761, 842-3


duties on U.S. exports to, 537, 555, 569, 800