Volume 24 Index




cost in England, 95

cost of free, 95

cost of slave, 95

and land, 96

Lackington, James

TJ receives books from, 41

La Colombe, Louis Saint Ange, Chevalier Morel de

escapes from Austrian captivity, 504

Lacoste, Jean de

remains in office, 94

and U.S. aid to Saint-Domingue, 334n

Lafayette, Marie Adrienne Françoise de Noailles, Marquise de,

85, 445

Lafayette, Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier,

Marquis de

letter to, 85-6

disobeys Dumouriez's orders, 54-5

and invasion of Austrian Netherlands, 54-5, 93

opposes Jacobins, 94, 138, 139n, 260, 275-6, 335

criticism of, 121, 271, 276, 760-2

opposes G. Morris's appointment as minister to France, 252, 799

relations with TJ, 252

relations with Washington, 252

alleged duel with Dumouriez, 260, 271

health, 260

and Legislative Assembly, 271, 299, 301

and dethronement of king, 301-2

in Austrian captivity, 313, 323, 335-6, 349, 402, 420, 422n,

426-7, 476, 504, 525, 538-9, 600, 739

rumors about, 349

and decree on generals returning to Paris, 503

mentioned, 408, 445

Lafões, João Carlos de Bragança, Duque de

resignation of, 90

relations with Humphreys, 287

La Forest, Antoine René Charles Mathurin de

consular commission analyzed by TJ, 530-1

recalled to France, 531n

and U.S. aid to Saint-Domingue, 653n, 654

and U.S. trade with Saint-Domingue, 743n

and payment of French consular salaries by U.S., 807-8

Lajard, Pierre Auguste

appointed minister of war, 94

Lake, Capt. (master of Theodosia), 301n, 339

Lake Erie

proposed U.S. fleet on, 763

Lake of the Woods

and U.S.-Canadian boundary, 25-6, 28-9

La Luzerne, Anne César, Chevalier de

and French mediation between U.S. and Spain, 712

La Mariniere, Mme. de

immigrates to U.S., 277, 594, 662

introduced to TJ, 277

La Mariniere, M. de, 277

Lamb, John

mission to Algiers, 3-4

Lamballe, Marie Thérèse Louise de Savoie Carignan,

Princesse de

execution of, 364

Lambert, William

clerk in Department of State, 366

letter from cited, 367n

recommends William Galt for clerkship in Department of State, 367n

salary, 509

Lameth, Alexander

in Austrian captivity, 323

Lancaster Co., Pa.

and Hessian fly, 234


and labor, 96

tax on in Va., 97-8

Landle, Capt. (master of Weldon), 141

Langeac, August Louis Joseph Fidèle Amand de Lepinasse, Comte de

in TJ's French accounts, 176, 177, 180, 181, 182

Larache, Morocco

British consul in arrested, 345

La Rochefoucauld d'Enville, Louis Alexandre, Duc de La Roche

Guyon et de

execution of, 364, 761, 798-9

La Rochelle, France

U.S. consular agent in, 233

Laughlan, E.

letter from, 286

Laurance, John

conversation with Hamilton, 607

Laurens (Lawrence), Henry

captured by British, 231

and case of John de Neufville, 231

John de Neufville's loan to, 665

La Valette, Charles François Chandéon, Chevalier de

in TJ's French accounts, 178

Law, Andrew

Musical Magazine, 691

Rudiments of Music, 691

identified, 692n

Law of Bills of Exchange (Timothy Cunningham)

read by J. G. Jefferson, 38

Law of Costs (Joseph Sayer)

read by J. G. Jefferson, 38

law of nations

and immunity from arrest of servants of diplomats, 127

U.S. violations of, 486, 552, 693-6, 698, 702-3

TJ's bill for U.S. violations of, 693

TJ's opinion on U.S. violations of, 693-5

Lawrence, Henry. See Laurens, Henry

Laws passed in the Territory of the United States North-west of the River Ohio, 112n

Leacock, John, 614n

Leacock, Joseph

letter to, 661

letters from, 614, 658-60, 715-16

and pearl ash production, 614, 658-60, 661

and potash production, 614, 658-60, 661, 715-16

identified, 614n

Lear, Tobias

letters from, 141, 547, 550-1, 609, 627-8, 660, 671, 675,

724, 760

letter to George Skene Keith cited, 45n

and Mint, 49

and recess appointments, 141

and Washington's decision to stand for reelection, 434, 436n

letters from quoted, 541n, 590n, 635n

and redemption of captives in Algiers, 547

and Dutch loan to U.S., 556n

and Department of State accounts, 569n

letters from cited, 627n, 660n

Learmouth, Alexander

in TJ's French accounts, 176

Leavenworth, Mark

Colony Commerce, 228-9

Lebrun-Tondu, Pierre Henri Hélène Marie

and Gower's departure from France, 314

and U.S. aid to Saint-Domingue, 332, 405n, 419, 524-5

relations with G. Morris, 334n, 405n

and proposed invasion of Netherlands, 767

mentioned, 333, 475, 752

Le Clerc, Baron

in TJ's French accounts, 185

Le Couteulx, M. de

in TJ's French accounts, 184

and U.S. debt to Spain, 305n

Lee, Arthur

and Senate election in Va., 489, 523

Lee, Henry

letter to, 293-4

letters from, 248, 531-2, 799

and French constitution, 248, 293-4

letter from cited, 294n

plan for Va. state banks, 432-3, 455

and Va.-N.C. boundary, 531-3

and Va.-Southwest Territory boundary, 531-2, 563

recommends J. W. Johnston for lighthouse keepership, 707n

introduces Lord Garlies to TJ, 799

Lee, Richard Henry

resigns from Senate, 489, 523, 578

Lee, William

relations with John de Neufville, 664-7

Leeds, Francis Osborne, Duke of

and impressment, 61, 63-4n

Le Fevre, Roussac & Cie.

in TJ's French accounts, 185

Leghorn, Italy, 786

Le Havre, France

exchange rate, 35

trade with U.S., 35, 247

proposed consular appointment in, 202n

excludes tobacco on English ships, 247

prices in, 780

Leigh v. West

TJ's role in, 157, 370-1

Leiper, Thomas

letters to, 40, 207, 222, 714

and TJ's debt to John Dobson, 40

and sale of TJ's tobacco, 207, 222

TJ's Philadelphia landlord, 207, 714, 746-7

note for TJ, 288

letter from cited, 746

mentioned, 118

Le Maire, M., 274

Lemasney, Daniel

in TJ's French accounts, 178

Le Mesurier & Cie.

departure from Havre de Grâce, 200

plans for mercantile expansion, 200-1

interest in Tobago, 201

letter from quoted, 201n

mentioned, 307n

Le Mesurier & La Motte, 463

L'Enfant, Pierre Charles

and plan of Federal District, 120n

Leonard, James

deposition cited, 480n

Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor

favors constitutional monarchy in France, 558

fails to ratify treaty with Great Britain, 625

Leroy, Herman, 464

Leslie, Panton & Co., 480n

Lessart, Claude Antoine Valdec de

letter to Ternant cited, 73n

and G. Morris's appointment as minister to France, 252

Le Tréport, France

Cavelier fils seeks consular jurisdiction over, 15

Letters from His Excellency General Washington (Arthur Young)

prints TJ's notes on agriculture, 99n

Letter to the National Convention of France (Joel Barlow)

sent to TJ, 431

Le Veillard, Louis

letter to, 49

TJ's esteem for, 42

Samuel Pleasants introduced to, 49

mentioned, 523

Lewis (TJ's slave)

work assignment, 413

Lewis, Mr.

debt of estate to TJ, 415

Lewis, Lucy Walker (Mrs. Nicholas Lewis)

relations with M. J. Randolph, 111, 147

Lewis, Mildred Hornsby Norton (Mrs. Nicholas Lewis, Jr.)

relations with M. J. Randolph, 111, 147

Lewis, Nicholas

prefers wheat over rye, 83

manages TJ's affairs, 263, 412, 415

account with TJ, 414n

leaves TJ's service, 416-17, 422-3

receipt from TJ, 416-17

Lewis, Robert, Jr.

sued by TJ, 417

tenant at Elk Hill, 807n

Lewis, Waller

letter from cited, 707n

recommends J. W. Johnston for lighthouse keepership, 713

Lewis, William

and case of Renown, 507

death, 632, 707

lighthouse keeper in Va., 632, 707

letter from cited, 707-8n

Leyden Gazette. See Gazette de Leide

liberty trees

in Marseilles, 274


prince-bishop of, 41

Dutch diplomatic representation in, 376

invaded by France, 613, 678, 710

and proposed formation of republic with Austrian Netherlands, 613

French hospital at, 769

Life and Adventures of Peter Porcupine (William Cobbett)

describes missing letter to TJ, 555n

prints TJ letter, 581n

Lille, France

Austrian withdrawal from, 456, 474

Limbourg, Austrian Netherlands

and French invasion of Austrian Netherlands, 614


at Monticello, 413

Limozin, André

in TJ's French accounts, 182

Lincoln, Benjamin

recommends Benjamin Joy for consular appointment in India,


Lindsay, Mr.

leaves France, 333

Lindsay, Adam

letters to, 110, 577

letter from, 632

TJ's account with, 110, 577

and candles for TJ, 577


Prussian exports of fabrics, 100

Linnaeus, Carolus

Systema Vegetabilium, 469

works ordered by TJ, 469

sexual system classification of, 797


disturbances in, 90

irregular communications with U.S., 221

grain surplus in, 272-3

and olive culture in S.C., 345

U.S. consul in, 348-9, 619n

diplomatic salaries in, 379

U.S. diplomatic representation in, 379, 585

Littlehales, Edward B.

and proposed British mediation of Indian war, 728n, 750

Littlepage, Lewis

letter to quoted, 371n

Little Tellassee

McGillivray departs from, 316

Liverpool, England

closed to foreign wheat, 404, 592

prices in, 404


at Monticello, 414, 725

Livingston, Henry Walter

trip to U.S., 275

secretary to G. Morris, 347

letter from cited, 442

returns to Paris, 442

Livingston, William

and proposed N.J. commercial agent in Netherlands, 666-7n

livre tournois

value of, 196, 789n

Lizzy (TJ's slave)

sale of, 416

Llaguno, Eugenio de

assistant to Godoy, 670

Logie, Charles

and captives in Algiers, 270

Logo graphique (Paris)

G. Morris's assessment of, 55

sent to TJ, 298, 323, 559

suppression of, 303

accuracy of, 559


and invasion of Savoy, 786


in TJ's French accounts, 177

establishment of branch of Le Mesurier & Cie. in, 201

exchange rate, 339, 441

diplomatic precedence in, 375, 514

diplomatic salaries in, 377, 379

U.S. diplomatic representation in, 378-9, 585

trade with U.S., 454

London Gazette

clipping sent to TJ, 592

London Times

sent to TJ, 331n

Long Island, N.Y.

and Hessian fly, 78, 79


Gayer's instrument for measuring, 478

Longwy, France

captured by Austrians, 339, 539

allied withdrawal from, 537

looking glasses

for Hylton, 21, 133, 145, 264

L'Orient (Lorient), France

in TJ's French accounts, 180

Lorin, Peleg

ransom of, 7

Lorraine, France

allegedly supports Austro-Prussian invaders, 94

famine in, 769

Loudon, Samuel

attributes Plain Truth to Hamilton, 638


value of, 196, 199n

Louisa (ship), 108

Louis Charles, Duc de Normandie, Dauphin of France

assassination of feared, 392

linen washed by mother, 476

proposed council of regency for, 772

mentioned, 337

Louis XVI, King of France

accepts constitution, 51, 56n, 254

and G. Morris, 51, 253

Austro-Prussian intentions toward, 53, 260

guards of disbanded, 54

as protector of Paris, 54

and U.S. aid to Saint-Domingue, 73

and ministerial changes, 93, 303

and Legislative Assembly, 95n, 207, 233, 298

and plot to escape Paris, 207-8, 209n, 276

and Brunswick manifesto, 208, 209n

political objectives of, 208

and émigrés, 241, 272

Catherine the Great's solicitude for, 243

and Va. resolves on French constitution, 248

dethronement of, 272, 276, 277, 298, 301, 322, 324, 336,

337, 348, 390, 392, 518, 519, 603, 625, 632-3, 771

unpopularity of, 276, 502, 503

and commercial treaty with U.S., 277n

and war with Austria, 278

misgivings about constitution, 302

and consular appointments, 306

British concern for, 314

imprisonment of, 322

and appointment of minister to U.S., 324

and allied invasion of France, 325, 392

execution of predicted, 336

assassination of feared, 392, 425

trial of, 392, 476, 752, 770, 771

relations with Mme. de Guisne, 526

relations with Brissotines, 528

treachery of, 600

and U.S. debt to France, 648

Danton's plan for resignation of, 772

mentioned, 395, 426, 427

Louvain, Austrian Netherlands

and French invasion of Austrian Netherlands, 613

Louvet de Couvray, Jean Baptiste

Accusation contre Maximilien Robespierre, 771, 774n

Lovell, James

in TJ's French accounts, 183

Lower Sandusky

conference with Western Indians at, 750n

Loxley, Capt. (master of Pigou), 619n


influence on British government, 27

claims for compensation, 32n


works ordered by TJ, 463


criticizes J. Adams, 733

Luckner, Nicolas, Comte de

disobeys Dumouriez's orders, 54-5

and invasion of Austrian Netherlands, 54-5, 93

commissaries sent to army of, 322

Ludger, Conrad

translates Joel Barlow's work, 431n


demand for in British West Indies, 632

Lunda (TJ's slave), 408


and French invasion of Austrian Netherlands, 614

Lyle, James

letter to, 265-6

letter from, 286

and Peter Jefferson's estate, 265-6, 286

letters from cited, 266

Lynch, Col.

vote for in Va. congressional election, 284

Lynch & Co., 430n

Lyons, Bishop of

and reconciliation of parties in Legislative Assembly, 209n