Volume 23 Index



Bache, Benjamin Franklin

and Louis XVI's acceptance of the French constitution, 220


TJ's inquiry about, 546

Baehr, Christopher

letter to cited, 288

letter from cited, 288n

Baffin Bay

Churchman's proposed expedition to, 364n

Baird, Capt.

mentioned, 144n, 145n

Baker, Jerman

letters to, 268, 288-9

letter from, 42-3

and assistant for Needler Robinson, 42, 268, 288-9

Baldwin, Abraham

letter from, 462

Ball, Mr.

and TJ's tobacco, 457-8

Ball, Elias

hanged by N.J. Loyalists, 394, 581

Ballyshawn, Ireland

trade with U.S., 48

Baltic states

lumber exports, 92


postal service, 192

Bancroft, Edward

aids John Paradise, 93-5

Banister, John, Jr.

account with TJ, 253, 254-5

Banister (Bannister), John, Sr.

account with TJ, 31

estate's payment to Dobson, 483

debt to Mazzei, 533

bank, national

Donald & Burton as proposed agent for, 25

dividend, 27

financial policies, 27

loans from, 36, 38

Madison's note on, 125

constitutional justification for, 187

loan to John Page, 282n

stock's decline, 319

order on, 384n

Bank of England

Md. stock in, 589, 609n

Bank of North America

notes of, 37, 282


bill on, 437

Banks, Henry

and Lormerie's land claim, 230-1

and sale of Elkhill, 290-1, 333, 399, 438-9, 498, 513, 521, 543

Bankson, Benjamin

letter to, 378

applies for clerkship in Department of State, 378

letter from cited, 378n

Baraof, Valentine

letter from Federal District Commissioners cited, 45n

Barbary States

proposed concert of powers against, 309-10

relations with Russia, 490


wages in Richmond, 112

Barbour, Philip

information on New Orleans, 163n, 315n

and Lormerie's land claim, 230-1

Barceló, Antonio

appointed commander of Spanish fleet, 104

repulsed by Algiers, 547

Barclay, John

and TJ's account with John Banister, Jr., 254-5

Barclay, Thomas

letter to, 384-5

letters from, 46-7, 88-9, 144, 145, 174, 285-6, 356-7,

391-2, 426-7, 485-6, 490, 519, 547-8

and Moroccan civil war, 46-7, 88-9, 144, 145, 174, 285-6,

356-7, 391-2, 426-7, 485-6, 490, 519

mission to Morocco, 46, 88-9, 145, 285-6, 293, 337, 357,

384-5, 387, 404, 486, 490, 535

letter to Geronimo Chiappe quoted, 47n

letter from Francisco Chiappe cited, 89n, 104

letters from cited, 92, 93n

payment by, 132

settles European accounts, 135, 146

payment to, 139

packets for, 387

relations with Humphreys, 472, 532

and Algerine navy, 547

letter to Carmichael cited, 547

Barker, William (master of Sukey)

trouble with crew, 388


and Hessian fly, 430

Barlow, Joel

letters from, 96-7, 292

Advice to the Privileged Orders, 96, 292

Conspiracy of Kings, 292

partnership with Leavenworth, 425n

Barnwell, Robert

and Louis XVI's acceptance of the French constitution, 260

Barret, Nathaniel

letter to, 127

offers to deliver dispatches to France, 127

letter from cited, 127n

Barrow, Mr.

relations with Mazzei, 533

Barth, John Joseph de

letter to, 289

proposed sale of Elkhill to, 289, 290-1

Barton, Benjamin Smith

financial affairs, 294

commission from Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr., 384

letter to quoted, 384n

Archibald C. Randolph's debt to, 411

circular letter on Hessian fly, 430-2

Barton, William

letter to, 358

letter from, 146

and Currie v. Griffin, 150

applies for chief clerkship in Department of State, 358

letter from quoted, 358n

and Hessian fly, 432n

Bartram, John

cited by TJ, 621

Barziza, Lucy Paradise, Countess

Va. estate, 94

Batavia, Dutch East Indies

prohibition of foreign trade with, 621

Bayard, Elizabeth. See Bayard v. Singleton

Bayard, Samuel

affidavit on British suits, 461, 605n, 583

Bayard, William. See Bayard v. Singleton

Bayard v. Singleton

as infraction of peace treaty, 219, 405, 407, 410, 420-1, 562

Bayonne, France

trade with U.S., 114

Beckley, John

clerk of House of Representatives, 223

travelling plans, 343

Beckwith, George

relations with TJ, 21-2

and appointment of U.S. minister to Great Britain, 24n

sends Hamilton Dorchester's speech to Indians, 93

Bedford co., Va.

sale of TJ's slaves in, 33

TJ's tobacco crop in, 411


price, 252

Béhague, Jean Pierre Antoine de

requests badge from Society of Cincinnati, 349, 619n

Belfast, Ireland

trade with U.S., 47

Bell, Thomas

letter to, 324-5

and sale of TJ's slaves, 408

Bellanger, Mme. See Plumard de Bellanger, Mme

Bellini, Carlo (Charles)

mentioned, 29, 117

Bellini, Gaspara Farolfi (Mrs. Carlo Bellini)

mentioned, 29

Benares, India

wars of, 610n

Ben Assar. See Benasser

Ben El Kamel

in Moroccan civil war, 426-7


in Moroccan civil war, 391

Benson, Egbert

and Louis XVI's acceptance of the French constitution, 260

and Ollivier's inheritance, 274

Berckel, Franco Petrus van

letter from, 621

and U.S. trade with Batavia, 621

Bergen co. Court of Oyer and Terminer

and case of John Smith Hatfield, 219-20

Bergere (dog)

has puppies, 547

Bertrand de Molleville, Antoine François, Marquis de

and U.S. aid to Saint-Domingue, 72, 109n

and droit d'aubaine, 108, 109n

resigns as minister of marine, 266, 337-8

Bettinger & St. Victour

payment to, 132

Beveridge, David

letter to, 461

claim against Spain, 454, 461

letter from cited, 461n

Biddle, Clement

and funds for Thomas Pinckney, 517

Bilboa, Spain

U.S. consul in, 412

Birkhead, Capt. Christopher (master of Louisa)

mentioned, 250, 251, 498, 513

Biron, Armand Louis de Gontaut, Duc de

mission to England, 71

invades Austrian Netherlands, 478

Bivins (Bevins), Capt. James

suit against TJ, 253


rights of in French colonies, 340, 341n

Blackstone, William

cited by TJ, 566

Blackwell, Jacob

letter to, 359

applies for chief clerkship in Department of State, 359

letter from cited, 359n

Blair, John

son's death, 29

and Jones v. Walker, 119n, 476

relations with Mazzei, 533

Blanchelande, Philebert François Rouxel de

conflict with Saint-Domingue assembly, 414-16

Blodget, Samuel, Jr.

letters from, 437, 479-80

and loan for Federal District, 120, 225-6, 278, 321, 324,

356, 368, 438, 491

and engraved plan of Federal District, 194n, 437, 479-80

and Panic of 1792, 437

receipt from TJ, 491n

Blount, William

letter from, 443

agent of, 148n

and N.C. land warrants, 443

Bob (slave)

See Hemings, Robert

Bond, Mr.

and ransom of American captives in Algiers, 369

Bond, Phineas

and Hammond's letter on infractions of peace treaty, 212n,


conversation with Dickinson, 343, 344-5

Bondfield (Bondfeild), John

payment to, 132


TJ's notes on, 496-7

Bonne-Carrère, Guillaume

appointed to foreign office, 339

Bordeaux, France

trade with U.S., 113-14

political clubs in, 114, 618n

Borgnis, Desbordes & Cie. See Desbordes, Borgnis, Frères


wealth of, 270

postal service, 348

and Panic of 1792, 436, 437-8, 459

as source of labor for Federal District, 438

port closed by British, 610n

Boudinot, Elias

letters from, 393-4, 394-5

portrait by Peale, xxxiii-iv, 346 (illus.)

letter from cited, 358n

letter to quoted, 358n

supports Barton for Department of State clerkship, 358n

and case of John Smith Hatfield, 394-5, 582, 605n


for Va. troops, 54

opposed by TJ, 172-3, 187

supported by Hamilton, 172-3, 187

Bourgoing (Bourgoyne), Jean François, Baron de

mission to Spain, 290, 341n

French ambassador to Spain, 472, 532

Bourne, Benjamin

requests report from Hamilton on assumption, 246

Bourne, Sylvanus

seeks appointment in Mint, 367n

letter from E. Randolph cited, 619n

Bowles, William Augustus

disavowed by British, 90, 354, 357

disavowed by British, 90, 354, 357

U.S. opposition to, 147n

deterred from attacking Spanish, 523

Bowyer, William

letter from cited, 476

recommends Gibson, 476

Boyd, Archibald

death of, 175

land purchases, 175

Boyd, Walter

letter from, 174-6

recommends Thomas Hemming to TJ, 174

relations with Short, 176

Brackenridge, Mr.

and Lormerie's land claim, 230-1

Brailsford, Mr.

debt case of, 582

Brailsford, William

resides in S.C., 489

and olive culture in S.C., 495


imported from Spain, 182, 311

Brant, Joseph

and proposed Indian confederacy, 241

as peace emissary to Western Indians, 243n

Braxton, Mr.

death of, 344


TJ's interest in, 21

Brazil, Prince of. See John Maria Joseph Louis, Prince of Brazil


shortage in Va., 547

Brent, Daniel

and Federal District Commissioners, 166

Brent, Robert

relations with L'Enfant, 154

Brent, William

letter from L'Enfant cited, 154

Brenton, William

banished from R.I., 217, 353, 565

Brickhead, Capt. See Birkhead, Capt.

Bridgen, Edward

property restored, 562

Brief Examination of Lord Sheffield's Observations on the

Commerce of the United States (Tench Coxe)

Commerce of the United States

sent to G. Morris, 249

Brissot de Warville, Jacques Pierre

favors alliance with Great Britain, 68

De la France et des Etats-Unis, 338

and trade with U.S., 340

pamphlet on tobacco, 340

and Roland de La Platière, 443

Bristol, England

U.S. consul in, 482n

Brodeau, Mrs. Anne

boarding school in Philadelphia, 493

Brodhead, Daniel

recommends Pfeiffer for clerkship in Department of State


Broglie, Charles François, Comte de

and secret diplomacy, 338

Brooks, John

appointed brigadier general, 244n, 408

Brothers Coster & Co.

and papers for Carmichael and Short, 288

Brown, Mr.

and Lormerie's land claim, 230-1

Brown, Alexander Campbell. See Leavenworth, Mark

Brown, Andrew

TJ's alleged influence on, 91n

Brown, James

TJ's account with, 8, 118

and John Page's finances, 36

handles Short's business affairs, 459

note on Clow, 521

Brush, Ebenezer

letter to, 617-18, 619n

lack of letters from, 619n


criticizes Hamilton, 540n

Buchanan & Charnock. See Green v. Buchanan & Charnock

Burcau, Mme

payment to, 117

Burgess, James Bland

and enforcement of Navigation Act, 545

Burnes, David

letter from, 323

letter from, 323

Burr, Aaron

and appointment of ministers to Europe, 13, 14, 22-3n

Burrall, Charles

and Remsen's appointment as bank teller, 291

assistant to postmaster general, 292n

Burrall, Jonathan

and Remsen's appointment as bank teller, 291

Burwell, Lewis

sells mill, 36

Burwell, Nathaniel

and Paradise business affairs, 94

Bushe, Gervais Parker

and Irish census, 48


tax on in Netherlands, 128

Butler, Capt. Dennis (master of Illustrious President)

complaints of crew, 499-500

Butler, Pierce

letter from cited, 39n

letter to cited, 39n

Bynkershoek, Cornelius van

Quaestionum Juris Publici, 514, 554, 577, 583, 602